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Default SQ Singapore Airlines SIN-CGK-SIN Adhoc Vegetarian and VLML Lunch

SQ962 5MAR2020 STD1610 SIN-CGK Adhoc Vegetarian Dinner

As I have set my Krisflyer default meal preference to vegetarian oriental meal (VOML) and it has not failed me previously, I didn't bother to check manage booking if the meal choice was registered correctly. Thus it came as a surprise that my vegetarian meal choice was not registered in the system during the meal service. Initially I was served the regular tray sans the main course until a crew brought a pre-packed meal about 5-10 minutes later. Kudos to the crews who went the extra mile for this!

Main: Pomodoro fusilli served in pre-packed casserole
Dessert: Pudding (from regular meal tray)
Mineral water and orange juice

SQ957 9MAR2020 STD1115 CGK-SIN VLML Lunch

Prior to the return flight, I checked the manage booking and saw that VOML was indeed selected by default. Having had VOML too regularly, I decided to change the selection to Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo (VLML) which was confirmed during check in and served promptly on board.

Tray presentation

Main: Pasta in cheese served with broccoli, tomatoes and corns
Dessert: pannacota with blueberry puree
Mineral water and orange juice
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