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Everything described so far was on the right hand side of the CX lounge, The Bridge.

I headed back to the lounge reception area and crossed over to the left side of the lounge, which had a separate seating area and facilities, in a lighter decor theme.

In my various visits to The Bridge, I had found that the left side was usually less crowded than the right side.

Today was no different. This side of the lounge felt more serene and quiet.

The main difference between the two sides was that the dining room on ghe left side was smaller, with a more limited buffet selection. There was also no long bar. On the plus side, there was an expresso bar on this side.

Both sides of the lounge had restrooms, but the showers were on the left side only.

The dining area...

The wine selection in the dining area...

Some very interesting whites and reds...

A couple of local craft beers were offered...

Snacks and small bites...

The espresso bar...

Egg tarts and chocolate brownies on the espresso bar counter...

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