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Originally Posted by yflyer View Post
Thanks for your note, wlgspotter -- appreciated! Hope you managed to find seats eventually! Nice to know you were heading to ICN. Any opportunity to check out the new lounge?

Thanks for letting everyone know! Great that there are washrooms within the lounge. It is such a hassle to head outside to use external washrooms.

I didn't realize there were washrooms at the Marhaba end, as I just took a quick look and headed back to the "SQ" area without really exploring the "Marhaba" part of the lounge. Of course I now realize I should have just treated that section as part of the SQ lounge as there is no Marhaba area and no SQ's just one lounge, after all.
Will try and check out the new ICN lounge on our return on Monday if we get the time.

And as for the washrooms @ SIN T3 Temp Star Alliance/Marhaba Lounge, well yeah it was not “easy” to locate and the washrooms are quite small and in limited quantities. I went round looking for it as I needed to use it, and walking around to the other end before realising it was a shared lounge...
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