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Originally Posted by yuuka_miya View Post
Since this has become the "should I go to HKG" thread:

Airport Express service from Kowloon station has been closed until further notice. Identity and ticket checks will take place at Hong Kong station before boarding, after which the train will make a non stop journey to the airport.

(yflyer's latest TR reminded me of this)
Thanks, yuuka_miya, for the update. Looks like for any future trips, it may be much less convenient to stay at the W Kowloon, as the train may no longer stop at the station there. I was trying to find current status of this measure, and whether or not it was still in place, but the regular MTR and Hong Kong Airport websites all seem to state that the airport express train is operating regularly. Wonder if this was only a temporary measure.

Does anyone know if the airport express train still skips Kowloon station, or have they reopened it?

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