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Default Cap. 5.3 CREW - Cabin Crew

a) How many cabin crew will you need and what is the crew to passenger ratio for this aircraft? How does this compare to the other aircraft types, like say the B744?
There will be 23 cabin crew on board the A380. The crew to passenger ratio will be comparable to that of existing aircraft type in our fleet. (Background info: PCL: 1: 4 ; JCL: 1:10 ; EY: 1:32)

Customers can be assured of the same, high-quality service standard that they are so used to enjoying on all SIA flights.

In the preparation for the A380, we also had the opportunity to re-look and improve some of the operational processes that are currently in place. We also had the opportunity to indicate how the galley could be designed to achieve higher efficiency in our operations, especially when there will be a higher number of passengers in the A380.

b) How much training is necessary to qualify the Cabin Crew for the A380?
All crew servicing the A380 will have to be certified for the aircraft type. Training for the new A380 will involve both service and safety aspects. This is on top of the 4-month training programme that all our cabin crew undergo. Training for cabin crew has commenced in the second half of this year and cabin crew will be trained in batches to meet with operational requirements.

c) Are there any special training required for crew operating this aircraft?
Crew operating the A380 will have to undergo specialised safety training in order to be certified to operate the aircraft. The twin-deck nature of the aircraft will require the crew to be competent in performing emergency actions if the need arises on two decks, instead of the traditional one.

We have installed new equipment as well as implemented a new curriculum for the training of both technical and cabin crew in the training centre. Singapore Airlines accords safety our top priority and it is no different for the A380.

d) What are the key differences between operating the A380 and other aircraft in your fleet?
The A380 features new products like the Singapore Airlines Suites and the new eX2 system, which is more advanced than the IFE system available on other aircraft (except B773ER) in our fleet. In addition, the galleys on the aircraft and the equipment (e.g. service carts) used are of a different standard from the rest of the aircraft in the fleet.

Our cabin crew have to undergo training to be familiar with the new product offerings, so as to ensure that they are able to provide seamless service to customers travelling on this aircraft.

e) Are there any differences in procedures because of the double-decker nature of the aircraft?
The double-deck nature of the aircraft will not affect service procedures as activities on both decks would be confined to their own respective decks.

f) How many crew have been trained to work on the A380 at the moment?
300 crew are currently in various stages of training to operate the SIN-SYD flights.

g) What new facilities are installed at the SIA Training Centre for cabin crew training?

The Singapore Airlines Suites mock-up cabin has been installed at the SIA Training Centre to facilitate practical training.

h) How long does it take to train a cabin crew before he/she can operate on the A380 aircraft?

Each A380 cabin crew member must go through 4 days of A380 conversion training, consisting of one day of Service Training, two days of Safety Training and one day of Aircraft Familiarisation.

An additional day of training is required for cabin crew who are selected to operate in the Suites cabin.

i) Are there any special training required before a crew can operate in Suites?
In addition to the normal A380 conversion training, cabin crew serving in the Suites, are required to attend an additional day of training with hands-on practices in the Suites mock-up cabin.

j) Will SIA be increasing cabin crew numbers in view of having ordered and operating many more A380s in future?
SIA will be increasing the cabin crew numbers to support future A380 destinations.
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