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Default Seeking Help on Multi- Leg Bookings

Dear all,

I have been travelling for work alot over the last 5 years but I am presented with a problem here.

In the past I am always travelling to simply 1 or 2 places. For example:
SIN-MIA then in between MIA-PTY. So I will book CX doing SIN-HKG-LAX-MIA-PTY-MIA-SFO-HKG-SIN with PTY done separately via AA.

Need advice here on what's the best way to book Multi-Legs travel. In 5 weeks time I am needed to do the following-;

I can't seem to find a cheaper way to do it. If I were to book via my company travel agent, I was quoted almost 20K and I don't think I can send a 20K bill to the boss.

I tried SIN-NBO-SIN via BKK so its SIN - BKK in SQ J @$1.1K then BKK-NBO-BKK with Kenya air at around $4K.

Need your advices and tips on how do you normally book such legs. I reckon its Multiple airlines in separate bookings? If done so, I reckon I can't check my bags through.. Meaning I need to collect my check in at Bkk and re-check in to NBO?

Many thanks!
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