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Originally Posted by jjpb3 View Post
Please thank alex0683de on our behalf, jhm. That was a very helpful reply. Certainly for me, in case BD is swallowed by the LH juggernaut.

And he's welcome to join SQT, just in case our discussions can repay his kindness.
Well thank you, I've just gone ahead and done just that.

I thought I would weigh in on the discussion with a few other comments.

Most FFPs work with grace periods (as does LH M&M), and these are key to the whole scheme, depending on how you go about requalifying. Certainly, if you book an FRTWSTAR2, the Exec Bonus does not matter. However, if you book a CRTWSTAR3, you definitely need the extra status miles the bonus provides in order to make it (yes, Exec Bonus miles count for status).

Of course, BA is the exception to the rule, but they've always been rather harsh on their members.

One other thing - if maintaining *G is your main objective, you can also maintain UA *G by requalifying once every three years. If you qualify for UA 1K, you get the year during which you qualify, the year after that, plus a year of 1P status (because UA has a soft landing for elites; LH does as well, by the way). If you then requalify for 1K in the two month grace period, you'll have uninterrupted UA*G status. However, this method is far difficult, because of the lower CoS bonii UA offers. Unless you're flying Y, earning 1K requires a lot more flying than earning SEN.
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