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Hi all,

I'm in a predicament here. I just took a flight on a Star Alliance airline, which is Air China. The miles from this flight will push me over the 50k mark, as i am at 49k, with 1k more to go. But the miles have not been updated to my KF account yet, though i made the flight yesterday.

I've another long flight to Melbourne next week and i intend to use those miles to start requalifying for KG Gold, based on the assumption that i'll cross 50k before this weekend. It doesn't look like happening now and i don't want to "waste" my Melbourne sector just to push past 50k. I called KF and the officer told me it takes 6-8 weeks to update miles from partner airlines.

The other thing she told me is that my KF status won't be updated to Gold upon 50k, it will have to wait until the end of my membership year in Jul 2010. I told her it's not like that and she insisted so.

Does anyone know anyone in KF that i can talk to??
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