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Originally Posted by Nick C View Post

This has been brought up many times. One will only need 50000 miles in a 12 month period regardless whether he/she is a new member or existing member. You have had poor experience dealing with krisflyer over that issue but it has passed so lets move on. There's no such thing has 75000 miles to achieve Gold in a 12 month period.
Hi Nick

I would love to support that view but sadly I have been told by the #@!$ Krisflyer folks that I need an ADDITIONAL 50000 miles in a 12 month period simply because I am an existing member. I have achieved 50000 within a 12-month period but basically they threw the rule book (on Date of Joining) at me and said "that's how the system works".
So for me and matt will fix it, i guess the 75000 miles rule applies
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