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Default Enhancements to KF redemption waitlist process

Hello all. I've been quite out of touch with KF (Even tho miles are being accumulated) and I received the above email a while ago. Can anyone clarify the point about waitilisting for redemption flights will be available up to 3 weeks before departure bit?

I checked the FAQ (extracted below) - what was the 'before' state prior to this announcement?

When is the latest that I will be able to place myself on redemption waitlist for a flight?
Customers may waitlist for a redemption flight up to three weeks before the flight departure date. However, please note that there may be instances on popular flights where waitlisting is not available.

Why is waitlisting available up to 3 weeks before departure while cancellation for unsuccessful waitlists is at 2 weeks before departure?
The new redemption waitlist process seeks to give you greater certainty on your travels, with an outcome on your waitlist provided at least 2 weeks before your flight departure. You may place yourself on a redemption waitlist up to 3 weeks before flight departure. Thereafter, new waitlists will not be available as all existing waitlists will be reviewed to determine if they can be confirmed or cancelled, and members will be informed by 2 weeks to flight departure of the waitlist status.
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