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I travelled to these locations this year. Each island has it's own personality and you can get lucky / or unlucky depending on the number of cruise boats visiting at the time you are there.

Mykonos is the most tourist island. If you like Capri you will probably like Mykonos. It's over priced and the town is a long way from decent beaches (unless you like nightclub themed beaches with boom boom music). Expect to pay more money for less quality food or you can go super indulgent and rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

Santorini is a little better. Fira the main town is also visited by cruise boats. It's built high on a cliff face and looks West giving great sunsets. Fira is touristy but the restaurants have great views. A short ride will take you to the East of the island which is more relaxed. Plenty of cheap and good food and good swimming beaches. Buses work well or your can hire a car or quad bike. We stayed mostly on the quieter beach side for a few nights then just a night or two in Fira. This worked well for us.

We loved Naxos. It was more natural and less touristy. Beaches were amazingly good. Costs were way down and we loved the more relaxed pace. We will definitely return there.

A tip with Athens. Apart from taxis etc you can get from the airport to town on the metro or the X95 bus. Both take about an hour. Unfortunately the train is well known for pickpockets especially as you get closer to the downtown stations such as Syntagma. We found the bus much better - and this was backed by the views of locals. Much less pick pocket problems (and it's cheaper).

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