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Originally Posted by inix View Post
The last time I remembered, yes the passport number thing is optional. I guess it probably wouldn't make sense for it to be compulsory since passport numbers does not equate IC number these days for Singaporeans...
When I registered for Krisflyer they took my passport details. Mind you this was in Sydney.

Just to make it clear for the OP, this is what happened.

- In Nov 06 I booked my first SQ ticket and signed up for a brand new Krisflyer account. Got sent a kit with the blue card inside it.

- In Jan 07 I took my flights and qualified for ES, got sent the ES kit (with an expiry date of Feb 08) and when I checked my Krisflyer account online my elite miles had reset to 0 and I had 50k elite miles remaining to qualify for EG.

- For the rest of the year I flew 25k miles (IIRC it was 2x SYD - NRT in Y), logged in to Krisflyer and it said I was an EG, the kit arrived (with an expiry date of Nov 08).

So in the one year I got the blue, silver and gold cards..

Hope that helps..
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