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hmm, I think it was far more straightforward before the new criteria was introduced mid last year. but no matter, we'll find out on sunday what's the position now - so OP, a lot of people are anticipating the update from you. haha.

just a thought: if what Derek says is true, isn't there a weakness in the programme's system?

like for e.g. i know i will have a Banzai 12 months ahead where I will clock 50,000 miles. can't I just open a new KF account and credit the miles there, instead of putting the miles into an existing account with lets say 3k miles in there?

That way would circumvent the need to hit KF Silver and qualify for KF G with purely 50k rather than 75k.

Or alternatively, if your current rolling membership year is unfriendly you can use the above method as well to get a membership year that suits your planned travel.

As far as I know you aren't required to furnish passport numbers at enrolment. its optional right?
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