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a) How many engineers are trained to maintain the A380?
The numbers of engineers that we need depends on operational requirements. Currently, over 80 licensed engineers have been trained to provide maintenance and technical support for our A380 aircraft when it goes into service and the number of engineers will increase as the A380 fleet grows.

Training of engineers for the A380 commenced in December 2005 and it is an ongoing activity. The training is both theoretical and practical to ensure that our engineers are thoroughly competent to support the aircraft when it goes into service.

b) Do engineers require any special training for the A380?
The A380 is a new aircraft design that has many new electronic devices that are not found in other aircraft types in the Singapore Airlines fleet. In addition, the Airline would be introducing a range of new cabin products onboard the A380. As such, we are conducting three main areas of maintenance training, namely Aircraft Type Maintenance Training, Specialist Training as well as Cabin Product Training, in order to support the A380 aircraft when it goes into service later this year.

Background Information

I. Aircraft Type Maintenance Training
Phase 1: Theory - this training, which is conducted in Singapore, started in Dec 05 and was completer completed by Jul 06.
Phase 2: Practical This will be conducted in 2 batches. The first batch of engineers will do their practical training in Toulouse from Oct-Nov 06. This first batch of engineers will be fully qualified by the time we take delivery of our first A380 aircraft. The second batch of engineers will then undergo practical training in Singapore.

II. Specialist Training

There will be specialist training to equip our engineers to work on specific areas of this aircraft, especially on new technologies that are used on the A380. These include the A380 structure maintenance and repair training, both of which have already started at SIA.

III. Cabin Product Training

Our engineers will undergo thorough training on the maintenance of our A380 cabin products (such as seats, Inflight Entertainment System and galley equipment) to ensure that our A380 cabin products are maintained to high standards of aesthetic appeal and reliability.
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