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Right, so just back from "hub" in Edinburgh and it looks exactly the same and, as with your stay, the APP didn't do anything during the stay except allow me to book a breakfast, which I didn't with a 5:45am departure. The explore and map function didn't work and there was nothing at all with regards controlling the room or TV.

Anyway, we arrived at noon and the check-in pedestal was automatically showing no check-ins till 2pm but staff was friendly and took our bags. Later I pretty much managed my own check-in but the girl helped my parents at the second pedestal and all went well. There is free tea and coffee around the clock so that was great.

A/C was nice and powerful (yes, I know it's Scotland but strangely the room was warm.... or rather too warm for me). I was on the top floor with no real view but at least good natural light.

There was a notice in the elevator apologising for the previous night's fire alarm, but shortly after we got back from dinner it went off for a second night so there seems to be some teething troubles. The fire brigade turned up really quickly and let us back in after 10-15min. They could have been parked around the corner awaiting the call but luckily it wasn't raining either.

A 5-10min from Waverly Station, near the Scotsman Hotel costing more than 5x the price, there isn't anything to complain about......noting that the Royal Highland Show was also (unknown when we booked) on near the airport and with a strong tourist number in the city, the price was excellent. Walking past a nearby ibis, their walk-in rate was GBP149 so I'm more than happy. Given that Highland Show was on near the airport I was also pleased with myself for taking the decision to stay overnight instead of trying to reach the airport directly, at least I had more control over timing and with train strikes as well, my biggest problem with the trip back was BA to LHR.
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