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Had a look at Flight booking seems a tad streamlined with the date calendar selection and all plus slightly different selection of revenue versus award booking. I didn't progress much further yet than the flight selection page, but already found a shortcoming that existed in the current site not fixed in the new one.

When you pull up flights the screen displays a max of 8 flights for a day in one direction. Nice and mostly fine, but CGK has 9 flights and KUL 10 IIRC. Hence one is never able to book the last flight of the day to CGK or from CGK online. Similar for KUL.

I mean I reported it via feedback multiple times over the years and nothing, so I guess I had too high expectations when I thought a new version would fix this simple, but annoying issue.

Will be interesting to see if they finally mange to enable mixed class online bookings. Got to try it out another day. Not holding my breath though. if it is merely look and feel and maybe faster / optimized loading then that would be a wasted opportunity.

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