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Originally Posted by Lobster View Post
Turned out I was overly optimistic. Got stranded trying to get home when the Philippines went on lockdown. I managed to get a flight to Manila but could not get a flight back to where I live.

So I ended up spending 4.5 months stranded. First 6 weeks in hotel and then I managed to move to an Airbnb apartment. Finally I managed to get the required paperwork to get a sweeper flight back to where I live. But then I had to go into quarantine for 14 days on arrival (in the end I did 10 days in a hotel and when my test result came back I was allowed to do the final 4 days at home).

I think it is going to be a very long time before I travel anywhere again.
That's awful! What an ordeal... Quite a few heartrending stories out there of Australians not being able to travel to be with dying family members, attend funerals, help out with birth of grandchildren etc, and equally expats not being able to return home because of the strict cap on inbound arrivals (these aren't tourists who have been gallivanting overseas but expats who have been living overseas for a while but suddenly find themselves out of work).

This lady was one of the lucky ones:
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