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Default Redemption Booking on SQ - Unable to change FFP Number

Hi SQ experts,

This may seem like a silly question to some of you, but hope you can assist with my questions.

I used my KF miles to redeem a trip on SQ.

My redemption booking was made using my KF number. However, my KF Elite Gold has since lapsed - now KF Silver, so I called SQ hoping to change my FFP number in my booking to another FFP where I have Star Gold Status (on OZ). I was advised that I am only able to change my FFP number if I am holding a commercial ticket. Not sure why this is so, but my questions are as follow:

1) Will there be a problem obtaining priority tag for my luggage (since my booking is now tagged to a Star Silver Status?)

Access to the KFG/Marhaba lounge in Changi shouldn't be an issue as long as I show my Star Gold status (on mobile app, no card).

2) My return is out of FCO where SQ uses a contract lounge. Will I still be able to obtain priority tag for my luggage by showing my Star Gold status even though my booking shows KF Silver? And will I be able to gain access to the contract lounge simply by showing my Star Gold status?

The SQ call centre agent was unable to confirm any of the above. I encountered similar situations previously with contract lounges overseas where they denied me access because my boarding pass did not show *G on it... The T&Cs in Star Alliance website clearly says I am eligible as long as I can produce proof of my Star Gold status, but apparently not all Star carriers abide by it.

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