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Originally Posted by KeithMEL View Post
Goodness, even booking a hotel for a simple overnight trip to Canberra - 3-4h drive from where we are depending on traffic - for a truffle hunt feels like locking in the Trip of a Lifetime... We're not even getting on a plane...
Pics of said overnight trip. So good to get out of Sydney for a bit.

Truffle hunting at The Truffle Farm - definitely returning next season for the Truffle Degustation. Jason the owner used to be a canine trainer for the AFP and has done many a stint at airports across the country. Half the fun was playing with the truffle dogs:

Pretty fun wine bar that serves tasty food - Bar Rochford:

Moar truffles at Rebel Rebel:

We also played our part in documenting these COVID19 times for the National Archives:

We stayed at Midnight Hotel in Braddon, a Bonvoy-affiliated property (Autograph Collection). Great Gold Elite recognition - FREE MINIBAR*, 1400 late checkout proactively offered, and 1 category room upgrade.

Returned to Sydney with a boot full of our favourite single-source Tempranillos from Mt Majura. The Canberra District produces some of the best cool climate reds IMO (try the Syrah over at Lerida Estate or Clonanakilla, or the Cab Sav at Lark Hill if you haven't already).

Now I'm hoping Lord Howe Island happens! They got spooked by the 2nd wave in VIC and resurgence in NSW, and have delayed their re-opening from 3 August to 31 August but our trip isn't till October so fingers crossed NSW holds the line between now and then (a month feels like a century these days...).

*Convo went something like...
Hotel receptionist : As a Gold member you get.... free minibar.
Me: Oh, sweet. (thinking one could really get drunk on OJ and milk)
Hotel receptionist, nodding earnestly, probably wondering about my mildly disinterested reaction: Yes, everything in that minibar is free.

Arrived at room to find, amongst other things, 2 half bottles of wine and cans of beer in said minibar. Cue call to reception.

Me:... so when you said "free minibar", does that also include the alcohol?
Receptionist: Yes, everything is free. All for you. Enjoy.
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