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Default OSL Airport: Flytoget or NSB train?

Hello! I'm planning to be in Oslo in a few days. Although I have taken Flytoget before to travel between OSL and the city centre, I'm now seriously considering taking the alternate NSB train. Here are what I understand are the advantages of the NSB train over Flytoget:
  • costs less than 54% the price of the Flytoget ticket
  • no need to worry about ID checks which might be otherwise present in Flytoget if one feels they are entitled to a discount but forgot the ID
  • similar features inside the train (e.g. WiFi, power ports)
  • only one minute slower than the Flytoget train that stops at Lillestrom
  • free transfer to and use of public transport in Oslo for about two hours

Am I missing anything here that should make me consider one or the other?
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