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Originally Posted by jjpb3 View Post
Actually, in the "oriental selection" for the specific Y menu I was reading, the appetizer and light bites both had the word "Chinese" in the description. The main course was "stir fried chicken in oyster mushrooms ...", along with a footnote about being exclusively created by Yeung Koon Yat of Hong Kong. So potential confusion between Western and non-Western courses would seem like a non-issue.

But my question was also about the use of the word "Oriental". When shi quan shi mei was introduced in F, it was billed as: Shi Quan Shi Mei – “A complete and perfect Chinese culinary experience”. That's a lot more precise adjective rather than the vague, old-fashioned "Oriental". Given the focus on modernizing the brand (Raffles --> Business), I'm surprised by the use of "Oriental".

Totally AGREE that the term ORIENTAL is vague and old-fashioned. Derogatory??....I *** think so anymore At least it doesn't bother the people living in ASIA.
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