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Could also be due to connecting traffic.

(On the same ticket) SQ is responsible for connecting traffic, so one delay may cascade down to a few others for connecting passengers. Like accommodation and meals if one misconnects, due to their own fault. Especially if there are no other penalties for delaying a flight for 30 mins or so for these passengers. Like I was on UA for ORD - NRT - SIN during SARS or H1N1. Flight was delayed plus they had to come on board to check everyone's temperature before disembarking. They held the connecting flights for the connecting passengers. Otherwise, they would have needed to put us up on hotels and next day's flight.

Budget airlines are not responsible for connecting passengers, or even earn more change fees if one misconnects.

Also for AWOL passengers who checked in, but failed to board. SQ tends to wait longer for them? Compared to budget airlines (where the ticket would incur more change fees)?

Overall, it may come down to company policy for connecting passengers and for checked-in no shows.

Not an expert or SQ apologist, thought I saw one documentary where the GA sent people down to the duty free to catch these people to board flights (think was a documentary about Changi Airport, so may not SQ specific).
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