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yflyer 15th November 2020 04:04 PM

[SIN] W Sentosa Cove
This year, with COVID-19 restrictions making holiday travel all but impossible, folks in Singapore are looking to staycations to beat the travel blues.

I had the opportunity to visit the W Sentosa Cove earlier this week, and spent some time there checking out the hotel. I didn't actually stay the night, as the reservation was made for some of my extended family who were on a one night staycation, but Mrs yflyer and I did take look at the rooms, and take a walk around the grounds.

We also headed for a memorable lunch at Tanjong Beach Club (Not affiliated with the W), which is set along Sentosa's Tanjong Beach.

The W Sentosa Cove is the only W property in Singapore at this time.


It is located at Sentosa Cove, close to the waterfront, but not actually by the water or by the beach. Instead, it is located close to the yacht marina and Quayside Isle shopping and dining complex.


This location at Sentosa Cove is quite a distance from other attractions on Sentosa, such as Universal Studios Singapore or Siloso Beach, but there is a shuttle bus that stops at the W, and taxis or Grab cars are fairly easy to come by.


yflyer 15th November 2020 04:15 PM

As with other buildings and hotels in Singapore, there are temperature checks and "Safe Entry" check in QR codes at the entrance, after which visitors head up the red-carpeted stairs to the check in area on the 2nd level.


The lobby level is decorated in W's signature quirky, eclectic style, although the bling and psychedelic colours are a little toned down compared to some other properties in Asia, such as the W Kuala Lumpur, or W Bangkok.


Like all other W properties, there is no mistaking what property you are in, once you step in the door...


The check in counters were fairly busy at the designated 3pm check-in time. If anyone is heading there for a staycation, it might be a good idea to head there a little earlier to check-in, even if your room is not yet ready, to avoid the lines.


The hotel building has a gently curved design, with the pool-facing rooms featuring balconies...



There is an outdoor staircase from the 2nd floor lobby area down to the hotel grounds and swimming pool level...



yflyer 15th November 2020 04:31 PM

We visited two rooms on the 5th floor: One with two Queen beds, and one with a King bed.

The first room had 2 Queen beds:


I found the decor very stylish and elegant.

There was the obligatory flat screen TV, and a long but fairly narrow writing desk...


Very attractive ceiling lamp. Note as well the ceiling mounted Bose speakers...


The beds looked very comfy and inviting...


Floral-themed side table. There was a phone charger on the table, which had connectors for different types of phone.


The W designates their regular room categories as "Wonderful" or "Fabulous".

This room was a "Wonderful" room, which was a non-pool facing room, so the view from the window was nothing special.

The view out the window...


The "Fabulous" rooms had balconies and a pool view.

That said, even without the balcony, or the pool view, the "Wonderful" room was very stylish and comfortable.

The bathroom had sliding frosted glass windows which could be opened into the room...


The bathroom has a tub...


...and separate shower...


yflyer 15th November 2020 04:39 PM

The room next door, also a "Wonderful" room, had a very large King bed.


Opposite the bed, a writing desk and wall-mounted flat panel TV...



Side table...


Lounge chair, and very fine wooden side table...


The bathroom layout was similar to the previous room, with frosted glass windows, that opened into the bedroom...


The bathroom sink...




Like the previous room, there was also a separate shower stall (Not pictured).

While these "Wonderful" rooms did not have balconies, the "Fabulous" rooms had balconies that looked out over the swimming pool.


yflyer 15th November 2020 04:44 PM

We took a walk around the hotel...


Very nice design elements to be found everywhere...


The gym...


The pool area had a spacious, relaxed vibe...


There was a water slide...


There were several hammocks by the pool...


Do note that because of COVID-19 capacity restrictions, it is necessary for guests to book a timeslot to use the pool. Capacity is limited, so do book your pool timeslot early.


yflyer 15th November 2020 04:51 PM

We left the hotel to take a stroll around the nearby Yacht Marina...


The whole area had a vibe unlike anywhere else in Singapore.


While wandering around the area, one could not help but feel that somehow one was in a country other than Singapore...the area just felt so different from the rest of the country.



There is a dining and shopping complex, the Quayside Isle, right next to the W...


...with many dining options...


There is also a supermarket, and a 7-Eleven, in the vicinity.

In terms of hotel dining within the W, the restaurant Skirt has had good reviews, although none of us dined there on this occasion. The hotel package included breakfast at the Kitchen Table, which is now an a la carte buffet (Rather than a self-service buffet).

Breakfast selections included waffles...


...and an excellent Laksa, which was so excellent that the only picture I have is of a half-eaten bowl...


Overall, I thought the W Sentosa Cove was an impressive hotel, with quite a different vibe and atmosphere from other high-end hotels in Singapore. I would definitely consider the W for a staycation in Singapore.

As for folks visiting Singapore on holiday, or even on business, I think the W is a reasonable option. Although it is on Sentosa, it really isn't that far from Singapore's CBD or from Orchard Road.

yflyer 15th November 2020 05:06 PM

Earlier in the day, before checking in to the W Sentosa Cove, we also had lunch at the Tanjong Beach Club (Not affiliated with the W), which is set along Sentosa's Tanjong Beach, a short drive from Sentosa Cove.


This was our second visit to the Tanjong Beach Club. Our first time was in December 2018.


On both occasions, as soon as we stepped into the Tanjong Beach Club, we felt transported to another place. The vibe here felt so unlike Singapore...it felt almost like being at a beach resort in any of our neighbouring South East Asian countries...

Of course in December 2018, the beach was still accessible...the picture below is from December 2018...


In November 2020, the scene is still quite similar, although the beach has been cordoned off...


That said, although there are now rules around social distancing between parties (And mandatory wearing of masks unless eating/drinking), the place is still quite happening...


The Tanjong Beach Club has both outdoor and indoor (air-conditioned) seating, as well as a small lounging pool...


...which looked to be a great place to spend a sunny afternoon...


We had reserved an indoor table at the restaurant...


The menu comprises an impressive selection of Western all-day dining selections, including plump oysters...


Delicious Beer-battered Fish & Chips...


...wonderful Crab Linguini...


and tender Beef Short Rib...


The food here is excellent, and I would highly recommend this place either for lunch or dinner, both for the cuisine, but also because the ambience and vibe are so different from regular Singapore that a visit there feels like a mini-vacation in itself...

yflyer 15th November 2020 05:18 PM

Final reflections...

Although Sentosa Island is only short drive across a 380 meter long causeway from mainland Singapore, in terms of resort vibe and atmosphere, it feels like a destination hundreds of miles away.

For me, I always feel transported to another country when I head to Sentosa, and this feeling of being somewhere else is especially strong when I head to Sentosa Cove, and also Tanjong Beach.

The hustle and bustle of Singapore just does not exist on Sentosa. At least for a few hours, I feel as if I am overseas on holiday. And until more air travel bubbles are launched, and overseas holidays become feasible again, we will probably return to Sentosa whenever we need a break from the grind...

Thanks for reading!

MAN Flyer 27th November 2020 06:24 AM

Thanks for the report and pics. I have only stayed there once and really enjoyed it.

I agree in that it 'feels' miles away even though it obviously isn't!.

yflyer 28th November 2020 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by MAN Flyer (Post 231232)
Thanks for the report and pics. I have only stayed there once and really enjoyed it.

I agree in that it 'feels' miles away even though it obviously isn't!.

Thanks for reading, MAN Flyer! We had such a fun time checking out the W that we have recently booked the JW Marriott South Beach for a staycation in mid December as well!

SQ777 29th November 2020 02:10 PM

Great report, yflyer! I really like the vibe around that area.

The W Sentosa Cove used to do a really good seafood dinner buffet once a week or so prior to Covid. I am not much of a buffet person but the seafood one was exceptional - great variety and quality as well as service. I tried it last December and would rank it as one of the best on the island.

yflyer 30th November 2020 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by SQ777 (Post 231237)
Great report, yflyer! I really like the vibe around that area.

Thanks for reading, SQ777! Yes, the vibe is quite something, isn't it!


Originally Posted by SQ777 (Post 231237)
The W Sentosa Cove used to do a really good seafood dinner buffet once a week or so prior to Covid. I am not much of a buffet person but the seafood one was exceptional - great variety and quality as well as service. I tried it last December and would rank it as one of the best on the island.

I think COVID-19 has caused the sumptuous buffet spread to disappear from the Singapore F&B scene...not sure if any restaurant operates a self service buffet these days, under Phase 2 restrictions. An a la carte buffet isn't quite the same thing either.

The most amazing buffet I had been to in Singapore in recent years was at Colony at the Ritz Carlton Millenia, way back during the 2019 F1 Grand Prix season, where MAN Flyer organised a stupendous SQTalk Brunch...seems like so long ago now!

I think it will be some time before the health situation improves sufficiently to allow any kind of self service buffet again...sigh...

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