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Carfield 13th May 2016 07:54 AM

[BOS] The Lounge at Terminal C
A third party lounge operator has opened a new lounge at Terminal C in Boston Logan Airport. This lounge was originally built to handle most Emirates passengers, and has since added Aer Lingus too, as it moves its departure to Terminal C too. The lounge is officially opened to holders of various lounge networks, including Priority Pass now.

Just visited the lounge and took some pictures!

Here is the photo link:

In general, it's a pretty nice space with good continental breakfast spread and yes there's a pancake machine! I like it better than the Airspace lounge at JFK!

Will I make the hassle to go there while departing from other terminals? The answer is "no" but it makes a good incentive for me to fly B6 even more often now, especially from Boston. For a domestic lounge, it is sufficient.


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