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Not You 10th September 2020 11:33 AM

Scoot on 07SEP operated a repatriation flight from SYD-SIN-BLR (TR1012/1013-TR1572/1573 9V-OJI).

They are operating another repatriation flight today from MEL-SIN-ATQ (TR1018/1019-TR1508/1509 9V-OJJ).

Not You 15th September 2020 02:21 PM

Scoot on 15SEP will be operating another repatriation flight from MEL-SIN-MAA (TR1578 9V-OJJ).

Not You 15th October 2020 10:49 PM

Scoot on 15OCT is operating a repatriation flight from SYD-SIN-BLR (TR1013-TR1572 9V-OJI)

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