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yflyer 21st October 2020 10:53 PM

COVID-19 Era Travel on SQ: An SQTalker's Experience
Like the vast majority of Singaporeans, I have been grounded since early this year. Essential travel has taken place for some individuals, either folks heading back to Singapore from overseas, and more recently some limited business travel.

At this point, my wings are still clipped, but fellow SQTalker Tonitan has just resumed travel, and has been kind enough to share some pictures and commentary of his current trip, so that we can have an idea of what the COVID-19 era travel experience is like out of Changi, and on SQ.

This TR is in fact happening in real-time, with Tonitan on his trip, sending photos, and I'll endeavour to post these as his trip progresses.

Thanks very much, Tonitan for giving us a glimpse of what travel is like at this time, and stay safe! And feel free as well to add your own posts and comments to this thread as we track your progress here on SQTalk!

yflyer 21st October 2020 10:57 PM

Beginning at the beginning...

The pre-departure swab is a must...


As Tonitan himself relates...

"Just did my swab test (must be within 72 hours from departure). Under the Safe Travel business track, travellers need to apply for a business visa and obtain an approval letter before making an appointment with a panel of clinics listed on the safe travel portal. The swab is $200 and results will be emailed over one working day after. The experience is mildly uncomfortable as the procedure is pretty intrusive, the swab bud goes all the way into both nostrils before the nurse start swirling them"

I felt uncomfortable just looking at the photo.

"There is a return swab to be done at Changi Airport upon arrival @ $300 and that swab has rapid results so there is a SHN requirement until the results are clear. So basic swab cost is $500 in SG alone. As for the swab procedure & cost in my destination,will update again as information is opaque on the portal"

All picture credits to Tonitan, and all pictures posted with permission.

yflyer 21st October 2020 11:01 PM

At Changi Airport T3...


Up the escalator to the lounge...


Note the closed duty free outlets.

The Business Class section of T3 SilverKris Lounge is open, but not the other lounges, and not the F section, nor is the TPR open.


"...Krisflyer Gold, FCL, TPR are all closed and renovation has also been suspended. It’s so sad to see the state we are in now!"


Picture Credits: Tonitan

yflyer 21st October 2020 11:05 PM

More pictures of the T3 SilverKris Lounge...

Shelves devoid of reading material...



Just a few people in the lounge...


Well-spaced bar stools for social distancing...


There is no buffet spread, but a small selection of la carte items are available in the lounge...



Picture Credits: Tonitan

yflyer 21st October 2020 11:08 PM

The next instalment of the TR will hopefully cover the inflight experience...

Tonitan hasn't mentioned exactly where he is flying, but he did post a preview of the inflight menu...any guesses as to which destination this is?


To be continued!

Picture Credits: Tonitan

yflyer 21st October 2020 11:24 PM

Continuing the TR...

Onboard SQ's Airbus A359, in New Regional Business Class...




"The only inflight amenities. The new amenities kit, none of the crew that has done a flight during the last month has seen it yet, even SIN-LHR in October"

Pics of other aircraft while taxi'ing...





All picture credits: Tonitan

yflyer 21st October 2020 11:31 PM


"...There are no pre-departure or post departure beverages. Still water is not provided during meal service unless you request for it. Wine selection is restricted to champagne, white or red. No selection available..."

The J meal served on a single tray...


"Load wise there are 5 of us in J & about 30 in EY including 7 Cambodians, 1 Australian, 3 Malaysians and there is another set of crew that pax up in EY to do the return leg service while the first set will pax back to SG. Tough. All of them are happy to (be) assigned a flight though..."

On arrival in KIX (Osaka!)...


All crew now wear masks and visors.

"My IFM, he’s a qualified air sommelier, there are only 8 air sommelier IFMs"


"The Covid testing and immigration clearing took 3 hours in Kansai airport due to testing & tons of questionnaires"

Glad you have arrived safely, Tonitan! Have a great trip to Osaka!

Picture Credits: Tonitan

Tonitan 21st October 2020 11:51 PM

All credit to Yflyer for assisting in this TR. I hope the information will be useful for those embarking on essential travels soon. The last installment will cover the return leg with details of entry procedures back to Changi Airport,where another PCR test awaits.. Take care folks!

jammed 22nd October 2020 07:59 PM

Thanks so much tonitan and ytalker for showing us how flying amidst C19 is like

yflyer 23rd October 2020 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by Tonitan (Post 230992)
All credit to Yflyer for assisting in this TR. I hope the information will be useful for those embarking on essential travels soon. The last installment will cover the return leg with details of entry procedures back to Changi Airport,where another PCR test awaits.. Take care folks!

Thanks for the collaboration, Tonitan, and for all the great pics and information! Looking forward to the return leg! Stay safe!

yflyer 23rd October 2020 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by jammed (Post 231001)
Thanks so much tonitan and ytalker for showing us how flying amidst C19 is like

Thanks jammed! Yes, all talking for me and no flying for now :biggrin:

yflyer 1st November 2020 04:40 PM

The Return Sector
Hello everyone! Tonitan has once again sent across his pics and an update on the arrival process back in Changi after his trip to Osaka.

No pics of the return flight itself, as Tonitan was very tired and knocked out right after take-off. (I believe this was a red-eye sector...). He did mention that there were fewer than 15 pax onboard...a very light load...

Pics and commentary of the process at Changi upon return coming up, as well as some tips and points to note...

First, some pics of KIX...

"Airport Retail shops everywhere are casualties in this pandemic. Really a sad sight!"




Picture Credits: Tonitan

yflyer 1st November 2020 04:49 PM

"Latest singapore entry advisory & restrictions"


"Arrival back to SG begins here, the ICA Health Declaration section. Upon scanning a QR code, travellers need to complete a travel declaration before proceeding to ICA Clearance. Automated entry gates are not in service during the pandemic. Every traveller needs to be attended through a physical booth"




"After ICA officer gives the “clearance”, an ICA officer will lead travellers to the PCR test registration waiting area. Both the Heath Declaration area & PCR Test Registration area are just before the ICA clearance booth, just below the arrival escalators into the Arrival Hall"


"After completion of registration,travellers will be led into holding area to wait for their names to be called for PCR swab. This service is provided by Raffles Medical Group"


"A stay home notice email will appear in the traveller’s mailbox after completion of the swab. Travellers need to acknowledge the link on the mail that they will need to be in stay home notice until the result is emailed over."


Final Tips and Suggestions

"Lastly, a few points to note (which are painful mistakes I made).
Travellers please make a duplicate of the Business Track application/Approval letter. The original letters were collected from me at my destination & upon arrival in SG, ICA actually do not have record if you are a Business track traveller or just a normal traveller. I was referred to a senior ICA officer for a short interview before he “approved” me for entry under “Business Track” otherwise I would be quarantined for 14 days!"

"Lastly, please do not arrange for a transportation pick up (be it from a transport service or family-although we are going to serve SHN under the same roof). ICA officer will provide travellers with a list of contact numbers for taxi companies (No Grab/Gojek etc allowed) and travellers need to call any of those taxi company to make a taxi booking to the designated SHN location. So please don’t ask any family members to pick you up!"


Thank you very much for the overview of the arrival process, and tips, Tonitan! These will be very useful for anyone planning to travel in coming days.

All picture credits and commentary: Tonitan

MAN Flyer 4th November 2020 03:03 AM

Thanks for the time and effort putting this TR together, yflyer and tonitan.

Its nice to see a TR again, an interesting and quite sobering read.

scooby5 5th November 2020 03:43 PM

Thanks to both of you..... I'm getting myself phsyc'd up for the efforts to jump on a (non-holiday) flight to HK at the end of the month under the new Air Travel Bubble.

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