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hybridace101 11th February 2020 06:10 AM

BER Airport
I heard that BER is opening (finally!?!) in November 2020. Is that more bluffing by management?


SQ228 11th February 2020 07:00 PM

German media seem to be taking it seriously which is certainly a change. My general impression is that it will happen this time.

yflyer 11th February 2020 09:34 PM

It has been quite a saga, getting this new airport ready. Hope the opening happens this time!

SQ777 3rd October 2020 01:52 PM

Well, the opening is meant to happen this month...and still has not been postponed, so we shall see. As someone who hails from Berlin originally, the whole story is quite an embarrassment. No Changi efficiency or esthetics here I am afraid...just political incompetence.

reddevil0728 19th October 2020 09:11 PM


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