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[MNL] SilverKris Lounge in Manila Airport T3

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  • [MNL] SilverKris Lounge in Manila Airport T3

    Some brief impressions here of the SQ SilverKris Lounge in Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3, from a visit in mid October 2019.

    This lounge is one level up from the main departure level, fairly close to the gates where SQ flights depart from.

    This lounge, first opened in July 2015, is fairly new, and is styled in SQ's "Home Away from Home" decor.

    There have been some very impressive SQ lounges done up in this new decor scheme, notably the new Bangkok SilverKris Lounge, which is one of my favourite SQ lounges.

    However, having the latest SQ design theme isn't a guarantee of a top lounge: the size and layout of the lounge matters as well. If you have a decent space, then the decor scheme works great. If not, well, then the results may be mixed.

    Before offering my views and opinions on this lounge, here is a quick tour...

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    Entering the lounge, you first encounter a cosy seating area...

    ...which had some of SQ's signature design elements, such as high-backed chairs...

    There was a large table which was used both for dining and work...

    The main seating area was a long, rectangular space...

    I found this section of the lounge a little utilitarian, however at least there were windows with tarmac and runway views.

    At the far end, several work cubicles, also in SQ's signature stying...

    Overall, the seating area was ok, but not particularly inspired, perhaps even a little boring, compared to the cutting edge designs that SQ's competition often has in their lounges.


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      There was a decent buffet spread in the dining area...

      Local San Miguel beer on tap...

      Red and white wines...

      A fairly basic liquor selection...

      There was a signature cocktail, Manila Dawn, prepared on demand by the lounge staff...

      I could not resist ordering one...

      An unusual cocktail, with a sweet, creamy and milky flavour, which I quite enjoyed.


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        Salads at the buffet...

        Samosas and chicken tandoori wraps...


        Sandwiches and fresh fruit...


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          The hot selections were good as well...

          Won ton mee, already portioned out into bowls -- all you needed to do was to fill the bowl with soup from a nearby pot.

          Creamy fusili pasta...

          Japanese Beef curry...

          ...and white rice...

          A very decent buffet spread...


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            There was a magazine/newspaper rack with regional newpapers and magazines. There was also a toilet inside the lounge (Although there were no showers).

            There was also a Krisshop showcase...

            ...which included items including these Hello Kitty cabin crew...


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              As there are multiple SQ flights out of MNL each day, the lounge alternates between peak busy periods and lull periods.

              I thought the lounge staff did a great job tidying the lounge and refilling the food in between lounge peak periods, where the number of pax in the lounge would grow as time to depart approached, then completely empty out when boarding commenced.

              The picture below shows the lounge at almost peak capacity, prior to an afternoon flight out of Manila.

              At least the day I was there, the lounge was busy at peak hours, but not completely packed.


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                Overall impressions of the lounge:


                - Good food

                - Decent drink selection, including a very tasty signature cocktail

                - Warm and friendly lounge staff

                - Ample power outlets and charging points

                - Close to the SQ gates

                - Runway views


                - Lounge shape not ideal: Long rectangular seating area detracted from overall ambience.

                - Not a particularly large lounge: Can get busy at peak hours


                I thought the SQ SilverKris Lounge in Mania was a decent place to spend time before a flight, although the awkward long rectangular shape, and smallish space, meant that there was only so much SQ could do to make the lounge more distinctive or attractive, decor-wise.

                Lounge space and layout limitations probably meant that compromises were made in designing the lounge. I still see BKK as the SQ regional lounge that sets the standard that other SQ lounges should aspire to.
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                  Seriously that looks better than SilverKris in SIN T3 I reckon. The reno can't get there fast enough.



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                    I like the lounge, when it's not so busy......window seats can get quite warm but have a nice view.

                    Nachos and draft beer, what's not there to like? Never tried making my own noodle, always scared I get it wrong but the sandwiches are never that great so it might be an option to get right next time.


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                      Originally posted by eamond View Post
                      Seriously that looks better than SilverKris in SIN T3 I reckon. The reno can't get there fast enough.
                      Agree SilverKris in T3 needs a renovation to keep up with the competition, both at SIN and in the competition's home bases. These days, CX, QF and even UA have more impressive lounges than SQ.

                      Originally posted by scooby5 View Post
                      I like the lounge, when it's not so busy......window seats can get quite warm but have a nice view.
                      Yes great views of planes landing and taking off! It does make quite a bit of difference when the lounge is empty vs when it is full.