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Rumours of new business class cabin product on SQ's A359 ULRs

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  • Rumours of new business class cabin product on SQ's A359 ULRs

    Over the past few days there have been rumours swirling around about a possible new business class product on SQ's A350-900 ULRs, which are deployed on several of the nonstop SIN - USA flights.

    I hope these rumours are true, because the current business class seat product on the A359 (and 77WR) are now 10 years old, and due for an upgrade. Frankly, these seats don't compare well with the newer business class seats that many competitors now offer.

    The last major cabin product rollout SQ had was regional business class on the 787-10 and medium haul A350-900's. Since then, it's been very quiet as far as new cabin products are concerned.

    Sure, they rolled out a new 737 business class product (I found those seats quite impressive!) but apart from that, it's been a while since long haul business class has been refreshed, with the last long haul J product introductions being the 2017 Monocoque business class seats on the A380.

    SQ had planned to roll out new J seats on the 777-9, however, the introduction of those planes looks to have been delayed, so it makes sense for them to roll out their next generation J products on other equipment types in the mean time.

    If anyone has heard anything on the grapevine about these new cabin products, do share the info here!
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    So that explains the change from 1MAY as to why SQ is going double daily A350 LH to SFO. The benefit is it adds more Y class seats giving folks a choice and more convenient connections.

    On another note LAX will get the ULR on some days.


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      There is so much slack with ULR usage that SQ could remove a plane from rotation now without needing to change anything. In Northern Summer, LAX is getting daily ULR on SQ36/5 which is currently 3x weekly standard LH using mostly the SJ series with higher MTOW. This change to LAX seems to be a swap with SFO, rather than a change in ULR usage levels.


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        Based on this MileLion article, looks like it's not happening (yet!)...


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          It would appear that 9V-SGA is out of service for its overhaul.


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            Curious observation… SGA was out of service last month for a while but then returned to service and then some other ULRs followed, but now SGA is back out of service again.

            How long do these heavy maintenance overhauls usually last?