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Singapore Dining - Magic Square is Back!

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  • Singapore Dining - Magic Square is Back!

    Some good news amidst the COVID-19 pandemic gloom...the new Magic Square, the showcase and incubator for talented young Singapore chefs, will be back soon, at a location in Portsdown Road not far from their previous location before Magic Square v1 closed in May 2019.

    This news was reported in a BT Lifestyle article today, on 23 July. The link to the Business Times article is here, however it is behind a paywall.

    This initiative to foster young chef talent, and show them the ropes of how to run an F&B business, and at the same time serve some really top notch cuisine to diners, is the brainchild of Tan Ken Loon, from The Naked Finn.

    From the article, the concept is similar to the original Magic Square pop-up restaurant, which served a set tasting / degustation menu to 18 diners seated at a communal table. There is a new line-up of young chefs all in their late 20's: Eugene Chee, Law Jia-Jun and Jonathan Gan.

    Magic Square v2 was due to open in early August 2021, but this has of course been pushed back by the latest COVID-19 restrictions. I hope they are able to open soon, once restrictions ease.

    Mrs yflyer and I have very fond memories of meals at Magic Square v1, and we will be among those cheonging for reservations at the restaurant once they open.

    Congratulations to Ken Loon and the new chefs at Magic Square v2 on their much awaited launch!

    You can read about the dining experience at the original Magic Square v1 in this previous SQTalk post, "Last Dinner at Magic Square".

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    Just a quick update...Magic Square V2 is now open...

    Bookings are via their website. Reservations for this week opened yesterday, at 9pm on Monday 25 Oct, and their website struggled to cope with the load. As of today all slots for the week are full...

    They announced opening of reservations on their Instagram, which is where I would go to get updates on their next reservation window etc.

    As for myself and Mrs yflyer, we persevered through the booking process on their website, which was super slow and error-prone during the surge in volume as reservations opened, and did manage to snag a reservation for dinner later this week!
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