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E-Channel Immigration Clearance in HKIA for SG Passports

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  • E-Channel Immigration Clearance in HKIA for SG Passports

    Announcement in Straits Times 18 Sep 2014.

    Are there similar fast-track entry for SG Passports into the USA ? I have an APEC Business Travel Card but not pre-cleared for entry into USA/Canada. Wonder why ?

    Thanks for advice.

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    APEC cardholders are allowed to use Crew lanes for business visits into USA in some airports.


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      Does anyone know if this new e-channel initiative is any different to the one where a barcode label is stuck onto the rear cover of your passport? This currently allows people to use the e-channel.


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        CDN and USA will not show in the APEC card until they are full members but you may using Crew or APEC lanes in some airports.

        However, they are quite particular about you only using the Apec/crew lane only if your purpose of your trip is business in nature.

        I got told off in Vancouver because of this, was asked to go to the regular line, but as I was leaving he told me "you know what, I will just let you through this time..."