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  1. My Longest Flying Hours: SQ First Class AKL-SIN-LHR (Text & Photos)
  2. Upgrade? yes.... sure? NO!
  3. LHR-SIN-SYD in Y
  4. My Top 10 mostly randomly-ranked reasons (so far) for why LHR isn't such hell ...
  5. LHR-VIE-TIA and back OS Y
  6. F RTW for 77W inaugural.
  7. A trip to Adelaide Airport
  8. SQFlyergirl's 77W New J pictorial report - SIN-CDG 8 DEC 2006
  9. CGK and SQFlyergirl ride the 77W again (CDG-SIN in J) - 11 Dec 2006
  10. LHR-PVG-LHR on VS new Premium Economy
  11. Trip to Malaysia and Singapore
  12. 15Dec2006 CX254 LHR-HKG in J
  13. 12July2006 CX872 HKG-SFO in J
  14. The New Business Class on Christmas Day!
  15. My end of year almost-RTW
  16. SQ/IC Trip Report Part 1:SIN-MAA
  17. 5 airports, 4 planes. 24 hours! (LHR-CDG-FRA-SIN-KUL)
  18. The New First Class on Christmas Day - a few observations
  19. Another RTW in F (almost?) but Westward this time.
  20. SQ F Asia
  22. First trip report (with photos): SIN-SUB on MI Business Class
  23. B77W: SIN-HKG (SQ 862)
  24. First Business Class Experience on SQ (SQ317)
  25. SQ SIN - DEL Economy w/pix
  26. SQ F Simply Fantastic
  27. I'll get to witness CGK flying in Y!
  28. Summer trip 2
  29. A Non-Pictorial Trip Report: LHR-JFK-LHR on BA's Club World (New and Old)
  30. Asian Tour - An odyssey of First class travel on GF and SQ (amongst others)
  31. ADL-SIN (30 Dec 2006)
  32. My Dec Trip
  33. LH TLV-FRA-LHR-FRA-TLV in Y (well thanks to OpUps quite a lot in C actually)
  34. Does anyone of you got banned by using digital camera inside the aircraft?
  35. ex CMB F trip. (CHEAP!!! )
  36. Sigiriya: Pictures Trip Report
  37. SQFG's prop plane ride - PKG-SZB on J8
  38. SQFG downsizes from a Dash-7! Asian Spirit Manila-San Fernando
  39. Turbo prop
  40. SQFG goes wandering - but you'll never guess with who, in what class, or where to....
  41. SQ321 LHR-SIN: An Odyssey of Economy and First, starring CGK, Upright man & Nickbot
  42. 2 Trip Reports To Dubai, U.A.E
  43. Flying Tigers bomb targets in Colombo
  44. News From The Front Lines: Cgk Gets Scared But Scores!
  45. SQ322 & SQ319 SIN-LHR-SIN with Medical Condition
  46. Does SQFG even FLY SQ? (JL J KUL-SIN)
  47. SQFG's short impressions of Virgin Blue and ADL airport
  48. AC565 SFO-YVR A320 New Cabin New AVOD
  49. View From the Wings (Dedicated to jjpb3)
  50. Flying DL TransAtlantic
  51. Trip Report: SIN - ICN - SFO ; SQ16 New C Class
  52. One from the archives:SQFG's Tahitian Prop adventure
  53. View of CMB Airport from Seat 2A on SQ467
  54. New Caledonia trip report - mostly pictures
  55. Sydney Morning Herald puts oneworld to the test
  56. Beach Escapade
  57. greetings from tpe skl
  58. New York Sights
  60. One from the archives: SQFG rides Varig (RG Y CGH-POA)
  61. TG A345 J: pretty decent hardware, crappy software
  62. My first trip report to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
  63. TPE-HKG-BKK-SIN-NRT-LAX *Pics only*
  64. Trip report: SQ Y SIN-BKK-SIN
  65. SQ 815, PVG - SIN, delayed due to weather
  66. JS: PEK-FNJ...
  67. CX746 J BAH-DXB - it can only get better (I hope!)
  68. BA - One World Alliance (SQFAN's first ever Upgrade)
  69. A summer break in Bali
  70. Chicago Trip on UA
  71. Lunch near Rennes, Brittany - AF/Brit Air ATR42/ATR72
  72. Macau pics
  73. LHR-YVR Weekender
  74. pictures coming soon
  75. AZ604 MXP-JFK 777 (Cabin Pictures)
  76. VIE-FRA-SFO in LH F
  77. KE18 LAX - ICN 744 May 2007
  78. CX J (HK-Tokyo-HK) SQ J (HK - Sin)
  79. SQFG rides the world's favourite airline - (BA J FRA-LHR)
  80. 20JUL07 CX255 HKG-LHR in B-HKT F
  81. Phil goes to the USA - BA J/F, AA F to Hawaii
  82. HKG-BKK on Traitor Air
  83. PHX-LAX-SIN on HP, SQ and WN (with pics)
  84. To BKK/SIN/JHB/KUL on QF/BA/CX/AK in a mix of LCC, Y, Y+ and J!
  85. TPE-LAX inaugural 777-300ER flight
  86. BHX-FRA on Swiss Y/C and an overnight camp at FRA!
  87. EVA Ho chi minh to sfo via taiwan.
  88. New CX 74A F - NRT-TPE-HKG
  89. TG F (LHR-BKK), SQ F (BKK-SIN), SQ Y (SIN-SYD), and On-The-Ground Experiences
  90. Virgin America Here I come - F and Y report
  91. VX F - LAX=>SFO=>LAX Second Day of Operating
  92. The High Flyer Visits Ho Chi Minh City!
  93. Traitor Air and KIX-SIN Raffles
  94. My last Scary team award ticket.... AZ + CO + AF
  95. Singapore Airlines 77W: A great way to fly - Even in Y
  96. BNE-SIN-ICN-SIN-BNE in Y (2 day trip)
  97. The pre TR report - the trials and tribulations of booking a RTW
  98. Impresta's visit to Disney World in Orlando
  99. Trip to Penang in Y
  100. A Punishment For Missing A Flight
  101. On Board SIA to London
  102. My first trip report
  103. Canada!
  104. One from the archives: A trip to the middle of nowhere - Urumqi (CZ URC-BJS)
  105. One from the archives: Papua New Guinea
  106. SQ J LHR-sin-cgk-sin-CAI-sin-cgk-SIN-icn-SFO UA F SFO-JFK SQ F JFK-FRA ...
  107. Holiday trip to Shanghai (02/06/06 to 05/06/06)
  108. SIN-BNE SQ245 with Medical Incidence
  109. One from the archives: SQFG goes Baoshan-Kunming on China Yunnan Airlines
  110. Leroy and Bubba's trip to Australia on SQ and UA First
  111. SIN-HKG: SQ 866
  112. EOS - Stansted to New York
  113. Leroy and Bubba return home: QF J MEL-SYD and SQ F SYD-SIN-KUL
  114. Flying the SQ A380 inaugural SIN-SYD
  115. SQ380 Inaugural : Part 1 - Check in
  116. A380 Suites TR (1st A380 SQ221 - 28 Oct 2007)
  117. The Age's take on the SQ A380: The style-high club
  118. KA Business Class: CSX-HKG
  119. A380 Suites TR - Part 2 (SQ220 - 31 Oct 2007)
  120. Part 2 of A380 Inaugural - Boarding and Flight
  121. Pazifikhopping Reloaded or the SenRun 2007
  122. Thoughts and Impressions: CX New J (74A) and CX New Y (77A)
  123. CX New Business Class had 3 different styles...?
  124. Part 3 of A380 Inaugural
  125. Hyotei - Kyoto Kaiseki
  126. A day trip to Gaza
  127. Trip to SFO-Not good so far!
  128. Koyasan, Japan - Eko-In temple
  129. SQ A380 Y Trip report found on Air-whiners.net
  130. SQ A380 - C Class Trip Report, SQ 220 - SKA
  131. Business Traveller's A380 review
  132. The High Flyer Visits Macau!
  133. SGP - NKG (on-board 9V-SVL) `7/11/07
  134. Dragonair First Class: HKG-PVG-HKG
  135. South East Asia on BR and SQ (no pictures)
  136. HKG-NRT-HKG KA Business
  137. Following jjpb3 footsteps... TG F, SQ F
  138. Full Takeoff Video of SQ818 (SIN-NKG) 7/11/07
  139. PENANG - Pictorial Reports
  140. To Shanghai and back on the wings of Aotearoa
  141. Leroy and Bubba's Trip report on the A380 (SQ221 SIN-SYD in J)
  142. Leroy n Bubba go to Christchurch and Back on the Wings of Aotearoa (SYD-CHC-SYD NZ J)
  143. Wrong terminal, fog, lost luggage: jhm's guide on how not to start a trip
  144. Leroy and Bubba go for a Helicopter Joyride (with Video)
  145. My foray into LH F (FRA-SIN-FRA): lovin' it even before stepping into the F Cabin
  146. Travelling around SEOUL ~!
  147. An Overnight Stay in Seoul Just To Catch 77W To Singapore
  148. ICN-KUL-BNE : Lee's ****pit sightseeing~!
  149. KUL - LA - SFO - HKG - KUL on CX
  150. A Long Connection at Narita
  151. Traveling Europe (VIE-ZRH-BCN) on LX J.
  152. Leroy and Bubba Intra Australia - Blue Virgins and Qantas Skybeds
  153. AMS - CAI / 11 July / KLM 747
  154. Stepping On The Smooth As Silk Airline
  155. Leroy and Bubba's trip report on the first A380 flight of 2008 (SQ220 in J - w/video)
  156. Some images of Australia and New Zealand
  157. New Business Seats on Air Canada 4 NRT-YVR
  158. WOW! First flight on SQ, Upgrade to F!!!
  159. KeithMEL travels the world on a blast from the past: my first DONE4
  160. SQ221 A380 5th Jan 2008
  161. A quick hop on Royal Jordanian
  162. LH F food: not impressed
  163. SQ319 LHR to SIN in Economy...
  164. Adelaide Airport
  165. Volcanoes and Grass Airstrips
  166. Trip report on SQ22 ?
  167. SQ317 SQ318 LHR - SIN - LHR Compare Raffles to VS Upper.
  168. A Run On Budget
  169. LH PUS-ICN-MUC-ATH rtn (Z/C), Feb '08
  170. Intro flight on the PA28-161
  171. SIN-BCN-SIN
  172. A Special Report for A Flyer Who Will Take SQ15 SFO - ICN - SIN
  173. Trip To South Africa
  174. SFO-JFK UA p.s. service with with a special treat.
  175. KeithMEL visits the US of A [dedicated to taipeiflyer and HUGE AL]
  176. Recent first class flight comparisons
  177. KUL-LHR (Op-up J) on MH2
  178. Dec07/Jan08 BA31 LHR-HKG in Business/Club+ F lounge visit
  179. Video of my flight SQ188 taking off from SIN
  180. PR J (international): my first (and likely last) time
  181. Trip report 23/02/08 AF257 SIN to BIO (via CDG)
  182. Leroy and Bubba take part in an SQT ERT* - KUL-SIN-KUL on Air Asia
  183. Venice
  184. Soak01 Visits Hobart, Tasmania on DJ
  185. Edinburgh to South East Asia in (Mainly) First
  186. SIN-HKG-SIN on SQ. My first ever trip report!
  187. A380 LHR - SIN Inaugural Flight 18MAR2008
  188. KevSQ - Pictorial Report (PEN - HKG - PEN) on SQ
  189. LHR T5 opening day
  190. ANA TR NH901 NRT-SIN Business Class [Pics]
  191. SIN - ADL - SIN on SQ
  192. Trans Tasman Quicky
  193. A First trip in First to the Far East! LHR-SIN-BKK-MXP, SQ and TG
  194. The FFP award flight in the 744 SkySuite that never was...
  195. Scenes from Egypt
  196. SQ 868 The tale of the missed approach
  197. SIN - IST via DXB
  198. Flo does FRA (Part I)
  199. Air France SGN-CDG
  200. The Battle of Indonesia Domestic Carriers
  201. SQ978 SIN-BKK and LH772 BKK-SGN
  202. SQ173/SQ322 SGN-SIN-LHR
  203. Not a TR but a BR: *A RTW Booking on United. (RTW TR to come)
  204. Spreading My Wings - KLM
  205. Pictorial Report KUL - BKK on TG
  206. What a Journey! My 1st Rendezvous with the A380
  207. First time in LGK
  208. PSA - MUC, Air Dolomiti
  209. South Korea Sights
  210. First A380 flight for me....
  211. Leroy and Bubba go fly kites (golden ones, that is..) - MH J KUL-JNB-KUL return
  212. Having a long layover in Zurich? Hiking is an option
  213. A few quick thoughts from Leroy and Bubba on SA Domestic JNB-CPT-JNB in Y
  214. SQ A380 SIN-NRT inaugural flight in J with pix link
  215. JL 722/721
  216. Sights from South Africa
  217. SQ R vs. CX new F: from London to Toronto via Singapore and Hong Kong
  218. 48 hours in Cape Town
  219. London (some) sights
  220. Bavarian Delights
  221. A trip to Taipei on CX J
  222. RTW in 1st class on SQ
  223. My Trip PER-SIN-CEB-DVO With TR and 5J
  224. (Semi-Pictorial TR) Ending an Absence from SQ and Spending a Long(ish) Weekend in SIN
  225. KevSQ On LH
  226. KQ J class NBO-JNB-NBO
  227. Air France, Mexico City-Paris, Business Class, 777-200
  228. Thank you SQ - Semi Picture YVR-ICN-SIN-MNL
  229. City hops on Qantas/Cathay Pacific/JAL/Singapore Airlines
  230. Mexico - with pictures
  231. SYD-MEL-SYD on DJ
  232. LHR-SIN in R class
  233. SYD-SIN SQ J
  234. Three flights in one day (LHR-ARN-LHR-NRT, ANA First Class)
  235. My Wedding Trip
  236. Kyo Does Taipei + Keelung
  237. video trip reports
  238. The British Airways Premium Experience (Part 1)
  239. Nickbots visit SE Asia on SK, LH, EK, TG and (last but not least!) SQ
  240. SQ F...Perhaps MH J.. :-(
  241. Kelvgoh does the Kangaroo (and a little more)
  242. SIN-SYD SQ J
  243. My First Time on SQ F - SQFAN
  244. SQFG does a Dinner trip to Langkawi with AK (or a very fast car) :p
  245. Short mid-summer Mediterranean escape
  246. Flo around the world 08
  248. Sights from Manila - Special dedication to jjpb3
  249. Leroy and Bubba ride Silkair to Surabaya in J on 8/8/8 (the car's had a tune up!)
  250. The British Airways Premium Experience (Part 2)