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  1. SIN - BKK : SQ or TG?
  2. Why UA is not so bad IMHO
  3. BD Lounge access for *G on Tiny fare
  4. Q: Are SEN lounges open to SEN's anytime?
  5. Oz competition watchdog looks set to ground proposed QF/NZ trans-tasman cartel
  6. SQ (and other *A) Fare Code for redemptions/Upgrades
  7. Anyone know the shortest TG route with F ?
  8. NH lounge in ITM?
  9. NZ reduces Pacific frequencies
  10. Best International First Class
  11. NH new seats
  12. NZ AKL Lounge Food
  13. Longhaul Y : TG vs OS?
  14. Reassurance needed from Miles and More experts
  15. Re: Business Class meal in Y
  16. Rumours BD thinking of axing MAN-LHR vv
  17. Vigilance on BP's
  18. NH's Y+ class policy
  19. The Pleasures of Flying SK Intra-Europe
  20. TG new C
  21. *A Upgrade Award With UA MP miles
  22. NZ and it's new baggage system
  23. TG: Return Check-In?
  24. CCA2 - validation needed
  25. Falling Dollar, BKK no longer cheapest for RTW's ?
  26. Air India to join Star Alliance
  27. Which Indian carrier would you like to see joining Star?
  28. TG and new BKK Suvarnabhumi - warning: vitrol alert
  29. Questions about flying on Star Alliance airlines
  30. TK Formally Invited into *A
  31. United Airlines Unveils New International First Class Suite
  32. AC's 345 J Seats
  33. New Star Alliance Website
  34. Air New Zealand Doubles Order for Boeing Dreamliner to Eight Aircraft
  35. Fog, fog, go away! Come again another day!
  36. Why no direct flight from PUS to NRT ?
  37. Don Muaeng ready to re-open?
  38. VARIG to leave Star Alliance
  39. Should I check in now?
  40. LH/TK Code Sharing to start
  41. NZ revamps Premium Economy product
  42. ANA to Launch ‘BusinessJet’ Service
  43. My After-Christmas Gift From Lufthansa
  44. TG F and Evian
  45. ANA availability tool not in sync with M+M?! :(
  46. Do UA operate any 2 class 777's ?
  47. Thai Airways seeks female of up to age 25, Good appearance
  48. AC J: HKG-YYZ (A345) - Never Again
  49. $90M buys you a A330 - TG
  50. Help: Low o/w fares ex-LHR
  51. LH: Are they finished rolling out the new biz seats?
  52. NH to start all business class NRT-BOM
  54. ANA Miles for SQ21/22 Star Upgrade...
  55. Transiting in Zurich
  56. An SQTalker's biased guide to *A travel within Europe
  57. YVR-SFO in Y: Why I prefer UA
  58. Confirmed : TG to scrap non-stop to JFK and LAX
  59. NZ Launches YVR-AKL Nonstop
  60. Air Canada Commerical 2007!
  61. Changes to MP Awards involving SQ effective 3/1/07
  62. Wrong allocation of Miles
  63. Which *A to join post PPS devaluation
  64. Redeeming KF Miles with UA/NZ
  65. NH 5 23MAR07 LAX-NRT : Perfect score!
  66. I was called "Traitors"
  67. BA considers buying bmi
  68. BMI and UA in bid to run joint transatlantic operations
  69. BD DC + NH Availability Tool = Brilliant FFP
  70. Skytrax annoints OZ with 5 star status
  71. LH SEN e-vouchers can now be used to upgade SQ and NH flights
  72. Two hours transit, long enough for FCT ?
  73. Any RTW fares involving only 2-3 carriers?
  74. RTW Price increases 1 May
  75. I Don't Believe This……Pathetic
  76. StarAlliance Birthday
  77. LH do cares
  78. Does this sound familiar?
  79. LAX/SFO-AKL business class return for USD1480 all in [FARE GONE]
  80. LH Australia establishes SEN line - waiting time increases
  81. Star Alliance not rulling out Virgin Blue
  82. Question about AC: 763 vs. 333 on LHR-YUL
  83. Air NZ Increasing Flights & Capacity ADL/AKL
  84. NZ shafts me out of my ticketed LH award - not sure how to react to rerouting process
  85. LH Introduces Print Your Own BP
  86. TG Royal Orchid Plus 'enhancements': OCT 1 2007
  87. Economy RTW with SQ/AC/LX/QF/UA/CX
  88. Chinese airlines to join Star Alliance
  89. Best seats: LH F?
  90. Air NZ Economy AKL/LAX vs SQ
  91. BD - how to earn miles
  92. UA-UA Transfer Experience at ORD
  93. ANA - We fly 1st 2008
  94. LH proves TOP CLASS lounges can pay off
  95. New UA C... (now with pics link)
  96. LH goes for submarine ...
  97. Using Miles & More e-vouchers to upgrade SQ flights
  98. Invitation to LH cocktail function in MEL
  99. LX A330 F Cabin (Pictures)
  100. TG KUL-BKK-LHR Y experience?
  101. UA Experts: question!
  102. TG & pre-ordered meals: did someone try it?
  103. *A to have their own lounge in new terminal at SGN
  104. Australia-based LH Miles and More members can now redeem miles on Virgin Blue
  105. How does TG First Class compare to SQ First?
  106. UA Award Tix on SQ
  107. United new Biz class
  108. RTW ideas
  109. I have been told not to join Krisflyer
  110. Asiana OZ601 - Business Class
  111. Domestic flight with international flavor
  112. LH F Enhancements
  113. Again about BD
  114. Has the MCT for LH-LH at FRA changed ?
  115. problem with BD mileage
  116. NH As an Alternative to SQ
  117. Air China Star Alliance Livery
  118. Collecting with M&M or other FFP - flying in premium classes
  119. F offers on ANA?
  120. Anyone flown domestic from ICN on OZ after arriving from outside Korea ?
  121. SFO: AC has moved
  122. Swiss Air
  123. CRWSTAR - UA's PS what class?
  124. RWSTAR - 24hrs
  125. TG F - Which aircraft configuration?
  126. Star Alliance- Far Eastern Taiwan promotion
  127. Question regarding UA MP 1K
  128. AI to join *A
  129. EgyptAir to join *A
  130. Should I apply for LH FF card?
  131. New LH service: limo on arrival at FRA for LH F pax
  132. SAS Will Stop Using Q400 Planes After Crash Landing
  133. *A award and OZ
  134. LH FTL Privileges
  135. Thai A380
  136. Taxes on BD award?
  137. Thank you Lufthansa!
  138. TG ROP vs BD
  139. Help with seat selection - LH
  140. AC's 777 Timeline
  141. UA Domestic F...How Do You Guys Do It?
  142. Need some assistance with itenary
  143. Dear Lufthansa: These should not have happened
  144. Shocking observation on my NZ flight AKL-PVG
  145. PVG: a weak link in *A cooperation
  146. Air China and Shanghai Airlines join Star Alliance
  147. airUnion to join Star Alliance
  148. Lufthansa to Buy 19% Stake in JetBlue
  149. Again: DiamondClub or KrisFlyer?
  150. LX Moves Back to T4 at JFK
  151. LH F vs. LX F to LAX -- recommendation?
  152. StarAlliance Screen Saver
  153. Air Canada launches nonstop flights to SYD
  154. LH J class product - order of food?
  155. Possible to claim miles?
  156. Lesson to Learn
  157. LH C Lounge Suggestions in FRA
  158. LH: What is the chance of this occurence happening?
  159. Flying to FRA/TXL on Y -LH or SQ?
  160. SIA and LH: Checking through possible when holding separate e-tickets?
  161. Air Canada plane in emergency landing
  162. London - Zurich options: LCY vs LHR
  163. Booking TG Domestic online
  164. Checking baggage to final destination on different Star Alliance flights?
  165. BD bonus miles offer
  166. I Have Lost SQ22, So What Is Best For Me Now?
  167. Bonus miles with BMI Amex card
  168. BD Status Miles and Destination Miles - Confused??
  169. FCT access for guest?
  170. What do you think of UA?
  171. Looks like TG are dropping F to Australia
  172. BD lounge improvements at T1 LHR, including arrival facilities
  173. A Star For UA 1K Reservation
  174. Question About TG Y+
  175. Close call on Lufthansa
  176. Here's a UA Question
  177. SPG Mileage Tranfer Advice
  178. Cheapest *A RTW fares?
  179. LH office raided in market rigging investigation
  180. LH Shorthaul Business Class
  181. question about UA mileage plus: 1K vs 1P
  182. LH introduce PA's at LHR and LCY for HON's
  183. BD Query
  184. Air New Zealand a "flying sweat shop": Former NZ Minister
  185. Quoted S$2800 for FRA-ARN return ticket
  186. Lufthansa virtual pilot site
  187. ana tool
  188. bd F credit
  189. New *A RTW rules
  190. ANA Mileage club - MH earns on NH?
  191. Surprising note on M&M web page.
  192. Flo needs help with his RTW trip!
  193. Amex to BD points transfer
  194. *A RTWs reduced to 16 segments and related major changes, wef May 1 2008
  195. Does Asiana Airlines Y class have AVOD?
  196. UA Double EQM Promo
  197. Booking Hotels via BD - how does it work?
  198. LH will exercise BD options
  199. NZ Premium Economy
  200. With BD going, what's the next best option?
  201. Question
  202. UA intensifies merger talks with US
  203. Do LH eVouchers use same award pool as on NH tool?
  204. Clear Immigration in HKT or BKK on a HKT-xBKK-KUL itinerary?
  205. SK: MD-82 vs 736 in J and Y?
  206. Photos of LH Long Haul business (or first) class
  207. UA Mileage Plus: End of 500 mile minimum EQM/RDM
  208. Connecting time in HKT.
  209. LH keeps to love me
  210. CA in first on the 763
  211. Changes in FRA
  212. Would an award on SK via BD Diamond Club be e-ticket or paper?
  213. LX new longhaul J seat unveiled
  214. Time taken for Shanghai Air to credit to Krisflyer
  215. Air NZ Economy Class To/From US
  216. LH Y Seat Selection
  217. UA moves to LHR T1 this July
  218. Air NZ responds to fuel costs : increased fares, reduced Tasman services
  219. Best Star Alliance Lounge in T2 Heathrow?
  220. LOT pilots' poor English almost led to crash
  221. UA, US introduce checked baggage fee
  222. USAir Historic Changes: $2 Beverages in Y, No More Elite Miles, Etc.
  223. FCL access in FRA if not departing in LH F, but connecting to LH F
  224. Question: Thai Airways
  225. Help Me Get From Singapore To Vienna For The SQTalk DO!
  226. Is MCT at ICN really 1h 40 ?.
  227. NZ increases amount of time IFE is available!
  228. Fly to South America?
  229. [MERGED] Continental to join Star Alliance
  230. UA Getting Worse: UA to Require Minimum Stays from October Onward
  231. *G for 20000 miles a year?
  232. How is Thai doing?
  233. NH 77W runway incursion at LAX
  234. SIN-FRA in Business Class
  235. New *A lounge at LHR T1 is open
  236. Thai To Consider Operating A380 To SYD
  237. UK - JNB in J Best *A ???
  238. Recommedation of seats on LX C
  239. BD DC Tier qualification miles carry over?
  240. BKK - AKL on TG
  241. BMI Diamond Club redemption on SQ
  242. Star Alliance Waitlist
  243. Star Alliance- web site
  244. Spanair MD82 crashed on take off at MAD: up to 150 feared dead
  245. UA introduces BOB in Y on TATL flights out of IAD [decision rescinded]
  246. All Nippon Airways warned
  247. NH's Seat Selection/Check-In
  248. SIN-HKG on UA
  249. SIN-HKG-YVR
  250. No LHR-JFK on *A!