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  1. [JFK] VS - Clubhouse
  2. [DPS] Contract - Premier Lounge
  3. [SIN] SQ - Silver Kris Lounge (First Class) - T2
  4. [LHR] VS - Clubhouse
  5. [HKG] VS - Clubhouse
  6. Directory of SQ Operated/Contract Lounges
  7. [CGK] Contract - Esplanade Lounge
  8. [SFO] VS - Clubhouse
  9. [NRT] NH - ANA Lounge (First Class)
  10. [SIN] SQ - Silver Kris Lounge (Business Class)
  11. [AKL] NZ - Air New Zealand Lounge
  12. [HKG] SQ - Silver Kris Lounge
  13. [MUC] LH - Senator Lounge (G-Level)
  14. [FCO] Contract - Le Anfore Lounge
  15. [MXP] Contract - BA Terraces Lounge
  16. [FRA] LH - First Class Terminal
  17. [CMB] Contract - Lotus Lounge
  18. [ICN] SQ - Silver Kris Lounge (Business Class)
  19. [SYD] SQ - Silver Kris Lounge (First Class)
  20. [TPE] SQ - Silver Kris Lounge
  21. [ICN] OZ - Asiana Lounge (First Class)
  22. [MEL] NZ C
  23. [FRA] LH - First Class Lounge (Concourse B, next to Casino)
  24. [FRA] LH - First Class Lounge (Concourse A)
  25. [SIN] Contract - SATS Lounge at T2
  26. [MEL] SQ - Silver Kris Lounge (Business Class)
  27. [SIN] TG - Royal Silk Lounge
  28. [FRA] LH Senator Lounge - concourse B
  29. [LHR] - LH Senator Lounge (T2)
  30. [PEN] SQ - SKL
  31. [BKK] - TG Royal Silk Lounge (concourse E)
  32. [SFO] SQ - SKL Denied Access For *A Gold Members
  33. [AMS] SQ - Silver Kris Lounge
  34. [BKK] TG Royal First Lounge
  35. [KUL] TG Royal Orchid Lounge
  36. [KUL] SQ - Silver Kris Lounge (only for PPS, F pax or pax connecting to SQ C at SIN)
  37. Question: Flying on BMI - which lounge?
  38. [SYD] SQ Silver Kris Lounge (Business Class)
  39. [SFO] - UA IFL
  40. [NRT] Fauchon, Fauchon, Fauchon Help Please
  41. [BRU] BMI Diamond Club Lounge
  42. Use of SKL F while travelling on SilkAir C?
  43. [ITM] NH - Signet Lounge
  44. anyone in lounges fri april 13 ill 10 20 pm love to meet
  45. [BCN] Sala Salvador Dali
  46. SYD SKL to close for renovations
  47. SIN SKL F Champagne
  48. [MNL] SKL F
  49. [ADL] SKL
  50. Fly Busines SQ but use VS Clubhouse in LHR??
  51. [DMK] TG Lounge
  52. [HKG] SQ Silver Kris Lounge
  53. [FRA] UA RCC Lounge
  54. [SFO] SKL F
  55. TBIT StarAlliance Lounge Opened on July 24
  56. SYD First class lounge recommendations?
  57. A question: time limit in lounges?
  58. [LHR] SKL F
  59. TG Y from BKK (KF *G) - which lounge?
  60. [RAR] - NZ Lounge
  61. [FRA] FRA - which FCL?
  62. Silly question about BA gold and QF Lounges
  63. Question about SKL F access
  64. pictures of T3 SKL??
  65. VS Gold: EWR + Other Lounges + Gold Baggage
  66. SKL F quieter with new access rules
  67. SQ lounge access at SIN?
  68. ZRH Lounge Hopping?
  69. [PVG] Silver Kris Lounge
  70. Very confused SKL lounge dragons.
  71. Does Star Alliance Lounge Exist ???
  72. help me with vote please: SKL F vs. TG lounge at KUL
  73. [LHR] SKL C
  74. [GVA] Swiss Lounge
  75. SFO lounge question
  76. [ZRH] "New" Swiss First and HON Circle Lounge
  77. [SIN] Emerging Pictures of SQ SIN T3 Lounges
  78. [LAX] Air New Zealand Lounge at T2
  79. [CHC] Air New Zealand Koru
  80. [PEK] Air China (Star Alliance Gold) J lounge
  81. [ICN] ICN lounge question
  82. Anyone been to the T3 SKL yet?
  83. [ICN] Asiana Lounge in Incheon
  84. [SIN] KF Gold Lounge SIN T3-Whats missing?
  85. [SIN T3] Krisflyer Gold Lounge
  86. [ZRH] Star Alliance Lounge (Operated by LH]
  87. [ZRH] Bellevue Lounge at E-Dock
  88. [SIN T3] First Class Check-In Lounge
  89. [LHR T3] Virgin Atlantic Revival Lounge
  90. SKL F at T3 vibrates?
  91. [ORD] Swiss Lounge
  92. [HKG] SKL at HKIA (post-renovation)
  93. [SIN T3] SKL F
  94. [SIN T3] SKL C
  95. [LAX] Star Alliance F lounge
  96. [SIN] T1 TG Royal Silk Lounge
  97. [SIN] Plaza Premium Lounge Opinions?
  98. LHR Virgin Revivals access on SQ322 F/Suites?
  99. [RGN] Yangon, Myanmar - Royal Jade Lounge
  100. EWR-Newark Liberty- where to proceed?
  101. [BLR] Oberoi Lounge from 11 May
  102. Mumbai lounge?
  103. Lounge in Cairo Airport...
  104. Guest privilege with J BP
  105. PVG (Shanghai) Lounge
  106. More than 1 guest in lounges?
  107. Lounge in JFK
  108. [FRA] Which Lounges can I and should I use in FRA?
  109. Lounge dilemma
  110. Re-entering Lounges
  111. [HKT] TG domestic lounge in HKT question
  112. [HKT] TG international (temporary ?) lounge
  113. BKK. If on SQ F, can I use TG's F lounge?
  114. Noob question about lounges and virgin clubhouse
  115. Sydney SKL lounge guest access
  116. Lounge & Guests
  117. [SGN] Rose Lounge, previously known as the *A Lounge
  118. Lounge in BNE, SIN & FRA question
  119. [JNB] SA domestic lounge
  120. [MUC] LH First Class Lounge
  121. [BKK] New SilverKris Lounge
  122. [MUC] SEN Cafe
  123. [LHR] LH SEN
  124. [HKG] UA RCC
  125. [SIN] The Private Room at SKL T3
  126. Which Silver Kris lounge on F ticket but Business Class Seat?
  127. [ICN] OZ J Lounge
  128. [MAN] Lounge at MAN
  129. [DXB] Any lounge for Biz pax on TG?
  130. Mixed class flights...which lounge ??
  131. [KUL] TG post renovation
  132. [IAH] IAH lounge?
  133. [SIN] Access to T3 when flying into T2
  134. Arrivals lounge in SIN?
  135. [PUS] new intl. terminal OZ/*A lounge
  136. SKL at SFO and HKG
  137. [HEL] Helsinki SAS Business Lounge
  138. No status F pax, can bring 1 guest to lounge???
  139. LHR - SQ F or VS CH?
  140. F class lounge on kf redemption
  141. SKL logo
  142. [KUL] Lounge with shower at KUL?
  143. [SIN] SIN SQ Lounge Access & Overnight Questions
  144. [SYD] Best j class lounge in SYD
  145. SIN T3 KrisFlyer Lounge - infant access Q
  146. [LHR] J class Lounge access option LHR.
  147. Non-*A pax using SKLs ?
  148. Arrivals lounge in SIN ?
  149. Transiting Changi from F to J: which lounge is available?
  150. [SIN] Cutbacks at T2 SKL F
  151. [AMS] Upcoming report about SKL AMSTERDAM NL
  152. Upcoming report about SKL KIX
  153. [PER] PER SKL undergoing renovation/extension
  154. They Really Are Dragons
  155. [ICN] OZ F Lounge
  156. Can incoming SQ C pax use UA domestic RCC
  157. [SIN] Lounge choices at SIN?
  158. Lounge choices at LHR/BHX
  159. [LHR] Breakfast Options at LHR VS Clubhouse
  160. Lounge/Left luggage/Check in at JNB
  162. [EWR] Denied entry to VS Clubhouse in Newark while on VS flight
  163. [LCY] LCY Lounges (if any)?
  164. [BKK] Question regarding TG lounges
  165. Can I go into the lounge with an award ticket?
  166. Arrivals Lounge CDG
  167. Overnighting in Zurich
  168. Hanoi Lounge
  169. Krisgold member- FRA lounges which can I use?
  170. [SYD] Air New Zealand Koru Club
  171. New Lounge at IAH
  172. FRA new LH FCL near gate B22
  173. Is VS Clubhouse Access over??
  174. [IAD] UA International First Class Lounge
  175. [BNE] The New Lounge - any experiences ?
  176. SQ *G Loung access on Codeshare question
  177. [BOM] LH Star Alliance Lounge
  178. What SQ F lounge to use in FRA
  179. [SFO] SKL Lounge
  180. [KBV] - TG Royal Silk Lounge
  181. Which lounge in BKK
  182. Flying FRA-SIN on SQ/J - which lounge can I access?
  183. Opening of new Ahmedabad Airport
  184. [MEL] SKL F
  185. Shanghai Hongqiao Airport F Lounge
  186. [ZRH] SWISS Senator Lounge (Schengen area)
  187. [LHR T1] Which *A Lounge
  188. [HAN] Northern Airport Authorities Lounge
  189. EWR Terminal A Lounge for AC flight
  190. KF *Gold - Guest access/child access at SIN
  191. [MXP] Lufthansa SEN lounge (Schengen)
  192. [SUB] Trowulan Lounge
  193. [CDG] Star Alliance Lounge
  194. A little question regarding lounge accessssss [at SIN T3]...
  195. [KIX]SQ Lounge is Closed
  196. UA RCC/IFL FRA Closing...What about SQ 26?
  197. [MEL] - Newbie question
  198. [IAH] - Continental Air President's Club
  199. Help ID'ing wine in the T3 SKL
  200. United Red Carpet Club Lounge Access
  201. [JNB] anyone familiar with SQ partner lounge here?
  202. LHR SAS lounge T3
  203. [BKK] TG (main) C-Lounge at Concourse D no longer *G
  204. Staying in SIN Lounge After Flight
  205. Krisflyer Gold- Which lounge in Rome?
  206. No sleeping facilities at SQ T3 Lounges
  207. NRT Lounge Options for QPP in SQ J?
  208. Advice on SQ26 and SQ25 lounge access
  209. Using the lounge in a different terminal at SIN
  210. [KCH] Contracted Lounge
  211. KrisGold on VS metal lounge access in LHR and Hong Kong?
  212. SQ T3 SilverKris Lounge Showers?
  213. Which F lounge at LAX?
  214. Barcelona J Lounge
  215. Changes to bar staff work schedule at T3 SKL F
  216. [FRA] LH Lounge
  217. [BWN] Bandar Seri Bengawan, Brunei Sky Lounge
  218. Access to SKL T3 if SQ/MI flight departs from T2
  219. [JNB] SAA Baobab Lounge
  220. Shanghai Airlines Lounge PVG Review
  221. [MUC] LH Business Lounge
  222. Bringing a guest into JFK VS Clubhouse
  223. Should I overnight in lounge?
  224. Barcelona J Lounge
  225. Changi Airport (inc lounges) WiFi restrictions
  226. ZRH - Arrivals Lounge
  227. Bali (Denpasar) Lounge
  228. Denpasar Lounge Drink Limit
  229. Priority Pass Arrivals Lounge access
  230. NRT Lounge
  231. Which SQ lounge at SIN can we use?
  232. Lounge Access Question
  233. HND Suite lounge
  234. Phuket Lounge access for Business pax with SilkAir
  235. Lounge Access for transit passenger
  236. Lounge at FCO - Rome?
  237. C ticket but F access granted
  238. What lounge for SQ C to use in MXP Milan
  239. SQ Taipei Lounge
  240. New champagne in T3 SKL F
  241. SIN T2 Lounges Undergoing Renovation
  242. LHR Virgin Revivals Lounge
  243. MUC LH Lounges closing on 16 May until September
  244. Change to SIN SKL F lounge access [SQ F inbound = SIN SKL F access]
  245. [BKK] TG's Royal Orchid Spa
  246. 3am lounge access?
  247. Private room is very quite tonight (Wednesday)
  248. SIA Bus/First class lounge at Manchester Airport is rubbish
  249. Fight broke out in the Private Room
  250. No more shower facilities at SIN SQ lounge for EG and *G travelling in Y?