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  1. Missing an award flight? Ramifications?
  2. Accessing SKL when not flying SQ
  3. It's time to start again for requalification
  4. Revised Logo, Program Changes
  5. Do you get worse treatment onboard as a PPS ?
  6. The highest QPP number you can theoretically be?
  7. What is up with replacing luggage tags?
  8. UA W in Krisflyer
  9. PPS Leather Luggage tags are back!
  10. Questions regarding award F ticket
  11. More than 1 CGK turnaround per day ?
  12. SQ Website survey
  13. Kris Flyer Elite Levels
  14. Grrr, miles gone to KF instead of BD
  15. Best time to redeem one-way upgrade to Raffles
  16. PPS Membership Guide update
  17. Mileage run: LHR -> PVG
  18. Better lifestyle privileges wanted!
  19. Service Recovery miles expire after one year?
  20. PPS Amex promo desk back at SKL
  21. New Bus/First Class Lounges
  22. Personal Letter Offering 50% off F or C tickets
  23. PPS Sectors Reference Thread
  24. Some Naive Sector Calculation Questions
  25. PPS numbers
  26. DAPO2UG2PL ? seems you CAN redeem that kind of thing
  27. KrisFlyer post-Feb 2007 redemption levels revealed
  28. Open complaint letter
  29. What is your opinion if there are changes in PPS Club?
  30. SQ to outsource KrisShop
  31. Is the KF UK callcenter generally perceived to be competent?
  32. White PPS Club sticker
  33. Disconnect between FFP and airline flown
  34. Gold 2007 Calendar Books?
  35. LHR Fast Track no longer available to SQ *G traveling in Y
  36. Priority Magazine
  37. Elite miles
  38. Solitaire PPS and PPS member
  39. Topping up miles
  40. KF miles can't be extended
  41. Increase in PPS qualification requirement, removal of sectors on CGK flights ?
  42. Grr, there goes my PPS luggage tag
  43. Hotel New Otani is KrisFlyer’s latest partner
  44. Enjoy the amazing 50% bonus KrisFlyer miles offer in 2007
  45. Maximise Mileage run: RM2500!
  46. DBS Credit Cards - KF Miles Redemption
  47. Redeeming miles...confused
  48. PPS Question??
  49. I am getting J award seats on 77W!!!
  50. Do SQ look at revenue rather than just PPS sectors/years qualified ?
  51. First flight for PPS Qualification this year
  52. Redeeming an NYC-SIN flight online
  53. A KrisFlyer member looks back to the past year, with sadness
  54. Lounge Access
  55. How long does it take to deduct miles from KF?
  56. What to do with PPS Sectors
  57. Another cutback - no PPS stationery for statements
  58. BNE - DUBLIN - best way to maximise pps sectors
  59. pps from a different view
  60. Requal loophole closed?
  61. Non-Human Members of KrisFlyer...
  62. The PPS Circle but not only... also KF Gold and KF silver
  63. New Krisflyer E-News
  64. No more KF Hotline number in HKG?
  65. PPS Coordinator
  66. Saver Awards and availability
  67. anyone does this?
  68. Just before I join the FF KrisFlyer...joining bonuses / promotions?
  69. cheapest 1.25 sectors
  70. Why Solitaire PPS abreviation is TPP?
  71. Non-obvious / Undocumented PPS Benefits
  72. No more priority in SIN reservation hotlines for PPS/First/Biz?
  73. How to Ensure Mileage Credit When Using Upgrades?
  74. PPS Club - what is that?
  75. Redeeming REP-SIN
  76. Status-Limbo Due to Membership Year Disconnect
  77. Cancelling an award
  78. Sectors & Miles on cash-upgraded award tix?
  79. New SQ PPS telephone number for Jakarta
  80. Changes to PPS?
  81. PPS seat priority -- waitlist for preferred seat?
  82. Should I give up?
  83. Is EK still a KF partner ?
  84. How to maximise PPS sectors with this CRWSTAR?
  85. which sectors will gain me pps club points?
  86. Welcome to our PPS Club - but only if you're in Business or First Class
  87. Changes to this forum and alignment with PPS
  88. early requal question...
  89. Are there minimum miles on SQ for Krisflyer?
  90. SQ faces lawsuit over PPS Changes
  91. BREAKING NEWS: CGK to go on the run of a lifetime!
  92. Not welcome in Paragon PPS lounge
  93. Mileage Expiry
  94. PPS Value has appeared!
  95. PPS Value confusion
  96. PPS renewal date
  97. change traveling date of redemption ticket?
  98. New: Online upgrade redemption now with 15% discount
  99. Where is the cheapest 1.25 sector...?
  100. Amex PPS Club Credit Card
  101. PPS God-Like Treatment: Coming to an Airport Near You
  102. Checking availability for upgrade awards
  103. What benefits do you get as Solitaire?
  104. Thank You For Being An Elite Silver Member
  105. KF and 15% saved for online redemption
  106. beginner question
  107. PPS requalification vouchers still here
  108. PPS club qualification - what to expect
  109. How many PPS sectors for my OW flights ?
  110. Any chance that my waitlist get cleared?
  111. Membershipe Card on it way?
  112. Online Redemption Booking Service Temporarily Unavailable?
  113. Loophole ? KF miles with Amex despite cancelling flight ?
  114. 4x R/T SIN-KUL in F: VS Gold or LH miles?
  115. anybody else going?
  116. 1,000 bonus miles per night at Hyatt
  117. Gold to something?
  118. question for FT'ers- what would you do?
  119. Grand Mercure Hotel Fortune Bangkok
  120. PPS Lounge Privileges Pertaining to Guests
  121. KrisFlyer Membership Services calls an EG back! Wow.
  122. my own very very small adventure comes to an end
  123. Seeing SQ elite tag outside the usual context
  124. 16 days for PPS credits posted after 1 April 2007
  125. A Game to Play
  126. Clearing waitlisted Award Ticket
  127. Which FFP for me? Master Discussion
  128. which flight gives me 3 sectors
  129. Anyone knows how much is the highest total PPS sectors in one qualifying year?
  130. KrisFlyer now on American Express USA Membership Rewards program
  131. 3 Different SKLs
  132. How many LPP around the world?
  133. SQ Y->C from MAN, more tax collect?
  134. What is benefit for being LPP solitire?
  135. Give me a hand for waitlisted upgrade booking from LHR.
  136. HELP!! Advice needed on requalification
  137. Business Class Ticket Redemption (KUL-HKG)
  138. Birthday Gift
  139. Missing miles on KrisFlyer Amex Gold
  140. best credit card to get SQ points in Singapore
  141. Lounge access with LH C BP and PPS card
  142. Extension of miles
  143. One-way upgrade (but no SIN-KUL :( )
  144. Special treatment by IFS on a Y-class PAX
  145. Krisflyer and Mileage Plus compared
  146. Quick mileage redemption question
  147. switching your FF program on an issued ticket
  148. Earning Krisflyer miles on codeshare flights
  149. 60th Anniversary gift from PPS Club
  150. Last minute PPS run anyone?
  151. KrisFlyer miles on partners' various booking classes
  152. Guaranteed seat in Y for PPS
  153. Krisflyer Redemption question
  154. Saver award upgrade waitlisted
  155. Advice needed : waitlisted on SQ38 .
  156. about redemptions blocked on 77W...
  157. Online upgrade, get 15%Discount or not???
  158. Citibank PremierMiles card (SIN)
  159. Solitaire or Not?
  160. Attention KrisFlyer members in Taiwan
  161. Moving Miles to M n M
  162. no more birthday gifts
  163. Online redemption query: can you buy miles and get the 15% discount?
  164. Will the new PPS qualification criteria actually help me?
  165. VS and SQ Double Dip
  166. Re-design of PPS and KrisFlyer cards
  167. No more PPS Sector Points or Miles Reflected
  168. Have I done enough?
  169. KF Changes affecting EG qualification too?
  170. Raffles SKL lounge was bad last night!
  171. Flying SQ again
  172. Upgrade award: can connecting flights be combined?
  173. PPS Club Changes: The inside story on SIA's thinking
  174. My observations standing at the SKL door
  175. Question: PPS membership year reduced by 1 month
  176. Years Qualified Now Gone from BP?
  177. no redemption for suites booking
  178. Best way to get 19000 miles?
  179. At last, I have the card
  180. Redemption bookings need to be ticketed immediately if confirmed?
  181. How are/were KF numbers assigned?
  182. KrisFlyer miles to upgrade on TG (LHR-BKK) - worth it?
  183. Greetings for PPS members inflight
  184. LH code share for SQ325/326 SIN-FRA
  185. Getting 3k KF miles instantly
  186. No more PPS stickers?
  187. My PPS experience
  188. How many miles do you actually need to Elite Gold?
  189. What's your highest miles balance?
  190. KrisFlyer/ Marriott Promotion
  191. Krisflyer Replacement card?
  192. How long does it take for PPS value to post?
  193. earning miles from codesharepartner
  194. One way upgrade to Xiamen on MI
  195. Double Miles Earned on AMEX for payment of surcharges only?
  196. Redemption nominees changes questions
  197. How many PPS Value did you get for the first A380 flight?
  198. Does being PPS help on Upgrade from C to F?
  199. KF Card
  200. TPPS: what it stands for
  201. KrisFlyer miles
  202. PPS Club Desktop Calendar and Management Diary 2008
  203. KF : beyond 50k miles - should I credit to LH ?
  204. PPS Club Early Requalification
  205. Retro claim >6mths
  206. Clarification on KF upgrade
  207. Middle name??
  208. Mileage credit on partners for R class
  209. Can access lounge on code-share flight?
  210. Krisflyer system malfunction?
  211. 77W F/C 861/862 *award UA
  212. PPS Value for Codeshare flights
  213. KF AMEX Gold Card - not the fastest way to more miles?
  214. PPS Qualification
  215. Godlike treatment for Solitaires at T3: a lounge they may not enter
  216. Confusion over B777-300ER Surcharges
  217. KF Miles and KrisShop
  218. Questions on Upgrade redemption
  219. Solitaire Membership - service level dropping
  220. Amending SQ redemption made with BD miles
  221. Krisflyer miles Transferable?
  222. holding silkair business class boarding pass
  223. Added charges for Ticket for change in usage
  224. Sneaky PPS members
  225. KF mileage extension query
  226. How does gold qualification work?
  227. SIN-AKL again!
  228. Ex-CGK Promo: Double Miles to MXP / BCN
  229. Redemption for A380/B77W flights
  230. PPS Value calculated for Non-SQ flights?
  231. PPS value for SIN - FRA and FRA- SIN
  232. Aussie SQ Travellers' Krisflyer Reward Point Schemes
  233. Urgent - Credit to Kris on flying LH?
  234. guests CLub House JFK
  235. More expensive service fees for all :(
  236. Lost my PPS status ! When does KF G start ?
  237. Would you spend 90K Krisflyer miles...
  238. PPS Value reset to ZERO every year
  239. double mileage for SQ27/28 in C and J
  240. faded wording on new-gen PPS card
  241. Soft Landing from Gold to Silver
  242. A question about the redemption booking
  243. Accrue PPS Value and earn M&M
  244. Waitlists, service levels, etc - Less and less keen on SQ…
  245. Confirmed: PPS values do matter for op-ups
  246. PPSV and FX rates
  247. Krisflyer Mileage
  248. Krisflyer Mileage Acural For Nominees
  249. PPS Value for JFK-FRA RTW Star 3
  250. PPS Club Luggage Tag & Padlock