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  1. UK travellers to pick up tab for climate change
  2. SQ 787 1:400 @ Nikko
  3. ‘Pregnant’ Egypt smuggler bust by false labour pain’
  4. Former Varig flight attendants' posing for Playboy
  5. Suvarnabhumi: for now, it's an "ugh" from me
  6. Anyone else got the HHgold comp from SQ?
  7. Kuching/Silk Air/Car Hire/Hotels
  8. Goodbye YVR & LAX Hello YYZ & AKL
  9. Who's keeping Britain's favourite aircraft ticking
  10. High speed rail link between Singapore & KL ?
  11. Easing of ban on liquids in UK
  12. 1h 45min enough for international transfer at LAX?
  13. Enhanced Security Measures for US flights
  14. How many refills with caviar?
  15. 5 hours in JFK. Go to Manhattan ?
  16. SQTalk Poll: The friendliest Immigration officers?
  17. Ex-Sydney journo, Sydney Morning Herald both concede Melbourne to be superior!
  18. London Favorite Hang Outs
  19. FedEx cancels A380 order
  20. Air Quality in the plane
  21. Weird Question.........
  22. Self upgrading............... in a HOTEL?
  23. Suvarnabhumi - things unsurprisingly not going well!
  24. My YM from India
  25. Why I couldn't be an FA
  26. Concorde - 27 years video
  27. Luggage tags - what do people use ?
  28. Mobile Phones - What Are You Currently Using?
  29. Ear/Headphones - What do you use
  30. Any takers for this item?
  31. Passenger service charge will be collected when flights out of Thailand are ticketed
  32. SIA 777-300er for fs2002
  33. Harsh Winters: Some Valuable Tips Please!!
  34. Need Cheap Ticket To HKG
  35. Thailand 'best value for money' !
  36. Train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong
  37. UK to DOUBLE APD from 1 February!
  38. Boeing 787 Program Ends Year with Celebration of Progress
  39. I get a long segment in F!
  40. Unusual reasons for being remembered in your travels?
  41. Your 2006 SQTalk travel awards!
  42. What are Everyone's X'mas Plans?
  43. QC2 vs QC3
  44. The Airbus saga: How hubris and haste snarled the A380
  45. A380 Gets Easa Approval
  46. SQ aircraft models (A380 and B773ER)
  47. OT: nominate the UglyAlliance members
  48. Another one bites the dust...
  49. 3000th A320!!! Bound for AirAsia!!!!
  50. Passengers fly into a panic over stowaway mice
  51. why singapore airline is the best in the world
  52. "Take any more aircraft pics and you'll become a terror suspect"
  53. Water Cannon salute puts 777 out of service!
  54. New Year Countdown
  55. E-rewards awards...
  56. Can we buy food onboard?
  57. Funny ATC transcripts
  58. Malaysia's airports to introduce security fees for travelers
  59. Panasonic's in-flight internet service delayed until 2008
  60. SQ Cadet Pilots
  61. Two aircraft models for Christmas!
  62. SQ uniform
  63. Concorde F-BVFF @ CDG1
  64. any one myspace?
  65. Tumi Winter Sale!
  66. 1K (^o^)
  67. Leave nationalistic BIAS out - Your 10 favourite cities on this planet and why?
  68. SQ1 extra stop
  69. Happy New Year! Any My Resolution is..........
  70. Tournament of Roses Parade
  71. The airline security screening playset
  72. Foie Gras
  73. And the Award goes to...
  74. New London Architecture
  75. All 10 fingers to be scanned for FBI database
  76. What is your favorite airplane?
  77. Live crocodile found in smuggler's suitcase at Hong Kong airport
  78. Man stung by a scorpion during UA flight
  79. Have you ever been taken for a ride in a taxi ?
  80. Airbus a380
  81. Silk air cabin crew
  82. SQ 60 years?
  83. Don Muang to reopen for Domestic flights - including TG!!!
  84. WOW I've become addicted to the internet
  85. Ex-HKT Seaplane Shuttle service to start
  86. EADS warns of Airbus loss for 2006, stands by to announce orders race defeat by Boein
  87. What are your favorite fragrances?
  88. Mamma Mia! on film - Coming soon
  89. A380-wiring problem SOLVED!!!!
  90. My Tumi Check-In Bag Went Astray
  91. Cheapo tix for two to MEL?
  92. Any "foreign" lounge out there better than the resident flagship lounge?
  93. Hope it is warm in your neck of the woods!
  94. Modified Airliner Photos
  95. BKK Airport Unsafe?
  96. Top Tier Loyalty Betrayal
  97. Can you drive a stick shift?
  98. BOSE QC3
  99. virgin america
  100. Playing Cards from SQ
  101. Free Phones at Changi Airport
  102. Business Travellers, please be nice to me
  103. "Local" Fast Food Chains to Die for!!!!!!
  104. Strange security systems at LHR T3
  105. Thailand to reopen old airport, giving Bangkok two hubs
  106. Question regarding CNY
  107. Sydney: How cold does it get in July?
  108. Some questions about Barcelona
  109. Concorde Photo Essay
  110. Photo Transfer for Mac
  111. singapore girl your a great way to fly.
  112. Check Your Flights: Winter Advisory for the Lake Regions
  113. SIN to Langkawi
  114. Traitor Air F vs SQ F
  115. Happy Chinese New Year
  116. Lounge patrons attitude
  117. indonesian weather....
  118. What would you do about poachers of overhead bin space?
  119. Best safety video out there!
  120. SQTalk Poll: Mission-specific luggage?
  121. SIA "Tropical Megatop"
  122. Ideas for US city to visit
  123. CRJ-1000 announcement
  124. Special security screening area for premium pax ?
  125. TOF has been sold
  126. AKL, MEL and/or SYD ?
  127. Emirates Airbus A380 favourite to replace iconic BA Concorde model on London Heathrow
  128. Boeing 787 Computer Generated Image Film
  129. Oasis HK will get ANA's 744 but not SQ's 744
  130. Dubai airport shut after accident
  131. SQ ranked number 2
  132. Buying electronic gadgets from US
  133. Minimum Connecting Time at BKK
  134. How has your behaviour changed since joining SQT
  135. EU votes for Open Skies
  136. Old and new airports - how many have you been through ?
  137. What type of flying to appeals to you? Puddle Jumper or Luxury Liner?
  138. Pickpocket in Brussels
  139. illegal?
  140. Music plays...
  141. What Cars Do You Drive?
  142. Frequent Flyer loves high air-mile club
  143. changing a different airline
  144. The Future for economy????
  145. TSA locks
  146. Garuda aircraft 'avoids' Nuclear capable missile
  147. Biscoff
  148. Way way OT : Watch winder
  149. HELP: Transit Information
  150. Kai Sheng's questions and comments
  151. State Farm Auto. Ins. TV Advertisement: SQ vs. AA ????
  152. guys kisses pretty SQ girl
  153. Other Asia Airline-Themed Forums
  154. Anyone here currently living in Japan?
  156. B787 @ Everett, WA
  157. Unimportant tripe for the day.......
  158. Any Bloggers Out Here?
  160. can anyone guess where this photo was taken
  161. Please Help: Survey for Biz Travelers to Europe
  162. SFO Security
  163. Friday SQ funny spotted on eBay
  164. Forces of Darkness vanquished in FA Cup
  165. Is there something going on in Athens ?.
  166. snakes on a plane... well nearly
  167. Is it a Bird or a Plane
  168. The SQTalk Tumi thread
  169. Best cities in the world to live - CGK & KeithMel will be pleased :)
  170. Any SQ pilot around ?
  171. Tsunami Warning Signs in Thailand
  172. TA in Hong Kong
  173. USAF diplomatic 747 and 737 at SIN today
  174. Are they allow to drink in public?
  175. Nice Singapore Airline Video.
  176. Inflight Garlic Bread
  177. SQ Sales/Marketing Manager registered on TOF
  178. Malaysia PM to remarry
  179. IATA extends compulsory eticketing deadline
  180. Entry requirements for Indonesia
  181. Don't-fly case 'idiotic'
  182. What can I do in FRA for 10 Hours....
  183. Antler suitcases
  184. For sale **************************
  185. World's most expensive cities
  186. Paris Airshow
  187. Do you cancel your unwanted confirmed flights?
  188. Best airline to travel in Y on longhaul
  189. Music tracks that remind you of SQ trips
  190. Spending The Day With Boeing At Le Bourget!
  191. Publicity for SQT
  192. Would you go to Ascot?
  193. FT is a bummer
  194. 1st 787 In the flesh
  195. Bader Models - Sale
  196. I Love The Sound Of Idle Aircraft Engines
  197. GLA Airport Incident
  198. Happy Canada Day!
  199. Visiting the Cockpit: SQTalker Experiences
  200. Happy Independence Day!
  201. Q's from a first-time visitor about arrival in Australia
  202. Advice on BD frequent flyer scheme
  203. on a lighter note...
  204. High altitude flights spark symptoms
  205. New Bangkok airport unsafe, says Iata study
  206. The "renewed" Triple7-World
  207. B787 Rollout on July 8, 2007 (7-8-07)
  208. New faces on the SQ website
  209. US custom clearance question
  210. Ask Zvezda
  211. What goes through your head when you fly more than your 'fair' share?
  212. I'm flying Traitor Air
  213. Wearing F Pyjamas in C
  214. Computers-What Are You Using?
  215. Airbourne disco!
  216. SQ Helps at home with a little celebration!
  217. Slow Day In Office
  218. Simpsons
  219. Assistance Needed: Aviation Outlook Summit
  220. Sun - August 12th - Perseid Shower
  221. Is There A Market For 100-Seaters Here?
  222. In-flight Internet to return Q1 2008
  223. New at MEL - Express path for passport control and security
  224. SQ - the airline which even other airlines think about (it seems)!
  225. When Did You First Fly Business Class?
  226. Who Is Looking For A Job In The Aviation Industry?
  227. Has anyone ever tried Embraer's E-jets?
  228. Ideas Needed: Ho Chi Minh City
  229. Which airlines have you flown with?
  230. Which kind of aircraft model(s) have you flown with before??
  231. Travel News/Updates: Bookmark Me Now!
  232. Computer failure strands thousands at LAX
  233. Amex Centurion question
  234. Which airlines have windows in their toilets?
  235. Dubbings
  236. ugly!!!
  237. LAX tearing down a historicle building?
  238. What's the furthest you've been from home? Ever been to its antipodal city?
  239. Can anyone explain this !!!??
  240. Top Ten Airlines
  241. B737NG & A320 series, which one do you prefer?
  242. Global Incident Map
  243. SQ radio (beta)
  244. My favourite commercials
  245. Announced: Expansion of MEL's international terminal
  246. Do You Use Compatible Battery Packs?
  247. Uniquely Singapore? Comparing SE Asia tourism ads
  248. Airlines' Fonts
  249. Inside the curtained security booths at ZRH
  250. Window seats - do you prefer A or K?